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Man Vs. Woman: Kristi A Go Go talks Twitter and Cards

Once again, I was lucky enough to score a 30 minute Blog Talk Radio date with a fellow St. Louis Cardinals fan. Kristi Lynn joined the pod. A St. Louis local and diehard sports fan, Kristi talked about the highs and lows of sports discussion on twitter as well as a peek at the hometown baseball team’s early season troubles.

Need a taste of what she brings to the table. Check out these sample tweets.

“Going back to 1996 the Cardinals have had 3, yes 3, losing seasons (97, 99, 07). In 20 years that’s not too shabby.”

“Our sports teams win when I’m in attendance in April and May…Just saying Cards. I could help you out.”

“We’ve still yet to have the exact same lineup so far this season. Is that correct, my stats guys?”

“My headphone volume is now eardrum shattering loud and I can still hear those fucking kids.”

She’s blunt and I love her. People like Kristi are why you should join social media.

Until you take that step, click here for the podcast we recorded Sunday night.

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Cards fans & writer Andrew Weaver joins The Dose

Another week and another random guest on the DOB podcast. This week, Andrew Weaver joined the pod to talk St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Weaver dished on how he came into the sport and fell in love with it. How his allegiance to the Texas Rangers switched after the 2011 World Series to the Cards and why he hasn’t turned back.

Among the topics discussed:

*Should fans really be worried about Adam Wainwright? He had another rough outing.

*Can fans trust the breakout of Aledmys Diaz?

*Should fans get the head of Mike Matheny and John Mabry on a stick?

*Are graham crackers really good?(Not kidding)

There’s more where that dialogue came from. Here’s a taste of what Weaver has to offer on Twitter:

And this:

You can follow Andrew right here.

Coming soon(possibly). DOB on Itunes! Submitted and we shall see. Once they realize this is a halfass unprofessional podcast, they will deny me but one can hope.

I want to have more random guests on. Broaden it up. Hope you are liking the guest list.

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Blues talk: Adjust or go home Hitch

After blowing a 3-1 lead in Game 6 and thus losing a grip on a 3-1 series lead, the St. Louis Blues find themselves playing for the season tonight at Scottrade Center.

In my latest solo podcast, I break down the reasons the Blues coughed it up.

*Why it’s very wrong Patrick Kane played 22 minutes in Game 6 and Vladimir Tarasenko played 17 minutes.

*Why can’t Ken Hitchcock make adjustments like Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville?

*If Blues choke, will the offseason feature some surprise departures and deals?

Also, what the fuck happened to Kevin Shattenkirk’s defense in the second period?

All and more right here.

A few tweets to set the mood up for the podcast:

That’s all folks. Enjoy the listen and send me thoughts to my Twitter page. GUARANTEED response. Book it.

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Talking Cards-Cubs with Kevin Mattingly

What if you were a St. Louis Cardinals fan growing up in Illinois in a Cubs household? Guest Kevin Mattingly, a trusted and fierce Twitter follower of mine, joined the DOB Pod to discuss rough childhoods supporting the Cards, who he roots for today, and whether he wants the Blues or Hawks to prevail on Monday in Game 7.

Kevin and I also discussed:

*Aledmys Diaz’s breakout season

*Jeremy Hazelbaker’s need to play

*Matt Adams potential castoff

Here’s a couple tweets of Kev’s to get a taste of his delivery:

And this:

Follow Kevin right here.

Click for the podcast here.

Have a good Sunday folks and go Cards and Blues.

I love having new guests, known and unknown on my podcast. If you are interested, email me with a

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Man vs Woman: Talking Cards Baseball

Whenever I climb onto the BlogTalk podcasting airwaves late at night, I like to bring some fine company. Worthy voice that can hopefully compel listeners to not close out the audio after four minutes of me. Last week, it was Florissant Strong Carly Schaber. This week, it’s the lovely and fierce Deana Stoker(@DizzyDean_17) from Texas.

Among the items discussed:

*The brutal loss to the Cubs and how it felt getting shut down by John Lackey

*How Mike Matheny can potentiall blow up this season

*Sticking with young struggling players like Kolten Wong

*How Deana and I came to be friends on Twitter

*What makes a good steak sizzle(just about kidding)

And other stuff. 30 minutes. Lot of Cards talk. Cursing. I say fuck a lot. As usual. It can go anywhere with me.

Listen in here.

DOB Podcast: Vinyl, Cards, and Blues

Sometimes its better to talk than write. People much rather listen to you as they work on something else or walk along with their day. Call it the modern persuasion or whatever you’d like. It’s here. So along with the new look here, the Facebook page(which you still need to go like), and the fresh doses, I am going to start dropping DOB podcasts here. 30 minutes of sports, entertainment, real life and whatever else crosses my mind. Spur of the moment consciousness or a planned attack, they will be dropped here.

On the menu this morning:

*A review of the HBO series, Vinyl which concluded Season 1

*A look at the Cards and their new power ways

*A Blues-Hawks brief stop

*Quick movie recommendations

And more. I hope you listen and enjoy. If not, I’m just another guy talking to himself at 1130pm.

Click the link to listen