Hangover Notes

As the lovely wash of a World Series title hangs in my memory, here’s some thoughts as I deal with the side effects. Happy Halloween readers.  First shock of the day is… Tony La Russa retires from baseball.  To me, this wasn’t a shocking move at all.  La Russa managed here for 16 seasons, won … More Hangover Notes

World Series Intrigue(2 Part Blast)

The initial blast at 10am- A mini Buffa Blast begins now… Last night’s unbelievable comeback was the best game I have ever seen, scoreboard days or at home.   A 4.5 hour nail biting, frustrating, nailbiting and ultimately satisfying win.    Everything about the season came into play last night.   Horrible defense, bad starting pitching, a lack of early clutch hitting, and back and … More World Series Intrigue(2 Part Blast)

The Daily Breakdown

Let’s cut the opening chat and get right down to the daily dose of Buffa Opinion.   This isn’t celebrated talk but it is freshly squeezed from the brutally honest section.   Eyes wanted yet not required.  Ready, set, go! 2011 World Series, Game 3 Recap-Pujols Greatness Arrives in Texas A series of heroes rescued the Cards after a … More The Daily Breakdown

World Series Ticket

Without further delay, allow me to dive straight into the gauntlet of hope, dreams, and the resistance of failure.  Beginning with the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals remarkable run into the World Series.  Anyone who pays attention and knows me should know where this blog is heading.   Strap in for the ride, because I … More World Series Ticket

The Friday Spill

Ladies and gents, We are gathered here today to discuss the common topics found in my realm of the blog.  I have been know to dive into sports, film, TV, a splash of music and almost anything in between.   It’s hard to stay unpredictable when you know what you do well.  Today, I take a … More The Friday Spill