Fire In The Hole

Let me just begin by saying that being a baseball fan ages a man.  You feel older than your birth certificate says you are.  You feel mistreated, hurt, and abused.  Right when your team has you feeling pretty good for donating so much fucking time to their work, they stab you in the back.   … More Fire In The Hole

Morning Dose

Quick to the point and blunt as a knife, I bring to you a few things rattling around the cage.  Five Takes.   *The Cards failed to register a win in Atlanta and were simply out played all weekend.  The Braves starting pitching seems to be rising up after the sudden loss of Tim Hudson … More Morning Dose

The Buffa Blast

What’s ahead in this blog? -Albert Pujols’ injury closing down his season is a good thing. -Why Jake Peavy isn’t a good fit for Cards and how we can stand pat. -The Cards player with biggest question mark?  David Freese. -The bizarre absurd movie called Only God Forgives. -And More..   Starting things up…bullet style. … More The Buffa Blast

Firing Round

So often in life, justice isn’t served and never meets the proper setting.  In other words, bad men go unpunished and walk free.  No, I am not talking about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  That case is soiled, overcooked, old news and quite simply needs to be locked away somewhere where a media rep can’t … More Firing Round