The Daily Post

The random give and go from the Monday Exchange- Talking to a close friend and frequent responder on the cyber waves today about soccer and here is what came away from my side.  My friend has recently dived headfirst into the Premier League, a Soccer league that features some of the best players in the … More The Daily Post

The Wrap Up

Before the work week begins, allow me to throw some sticks on the fire here as St. Louis temperatures drop and the wet cold rain falls on our homes.   I can only call it like I see it, so tonight I am going to keep things short, blunt and to the point.   The ordinary people … More The Wrap Up

The Usual Suspects

Hello folks, A quick stream of consciousness as I tend to Vinny here in the hospital.    Saying its been a long couple days is like saying the Bay of Pigs went smoothly 40 years ago.  It’s been hard and tough.    Look, the biggest anxiety and stress test for a parent is to see their kid in … More The Usual Suspects

Topics of Persuasion

Topics of Persuasion November 10th, 2011 Everybody here?  Fuck it, I’m going anyway.   Read up, follow along, stay with me and while you may not learn something, you may at least be entertained by the sight of thought process. Blues Revival?? A sense of a new form of hockey on the ice.  The birth of … More Topics of Persuasion

The Weekly Blues

The Buffa Bullet Points, November 8th, 2011-  Blues Fire Davis Payne-House of Payne closes for business Expected move after mixed start.  The oldest rule in the book calls for the coach to be shoved off the boat first before players. Ken Hitchcock moves in, brings veteran mindset, relationship with Armstrong and Arnott/Langerbrunner.   Suggesting a move … More The Weekly Blues