Mr. Buffa’s Blog

As I watch the end of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Sergio Martinez’s battle in Vegas from last week, let me fire off some rounds of ammo here. *A quick recap of this fight.  Sergio worked hard, threw a ton, slipped and moved for 10 rounds before Chavez Jr. came alive in the 11th round, … More Mr. Buffa’s Blog

Rant Posting #983

Here is the noise in my head at the moment…. When the Cardinals are done playing, I will be a calmer man.  I will breathe easier, roll through my nights smoother and keep a cooler head about the everyday lifestyle of a baseball maniac.   This team has a stranglehold on my heart and nerve … More Rant Posting #983

The Simple Dose

A stream of consciousness on an early Sunday morning starts now… The Cardinals finally earned a run, delivered and took a win in Washington.  Following a baseball team includes plenty of gut punches and heartache, but the moment your team is able to put together a worthy needed comeback effort, it’s a fair time to … More The Simple Dose