The Daily Dose

Here it goes.  Quick and blunt.  My usual format of exportation of the goods that exist and move around in my brain on a daily basis.  These things poke and prod around my mind as I work my full time gig and shove everything else crucial in life into the rest of the frame of … More The Daily Dose

Quick Jolt of Thought

Here we go again…back into the fray.   I truly never leave this area.   Take 7 starts now.    The Blues open a three game homestand tonight against San Jose.  All year, they have had an inability to win consistently at home.  That’s not the ideal situation for a playoff team.   Jason Arnott wasn’t signed because … More Quick Jolt of Thought

Zeus’ Rant

Good afternoon friends(or good evening or night, depending on how you roll),   Everybody works different shifts and leads a different set of hours.   That’s why we get worried when certain people don’t say a word for weeks or a month.  Dumb selfish people put together a scenario where that one friend is hiding … More Zeus’ Rant

Socrates Outtakes

Let’s call this a rendition of the usual suspects that continue to roll around my head.  I make time to do things I am passionate about and while my website,, quenches my film appetite, the urge to inform about broader subjects always occupies a space in my mind.  I lack an edge if I … More Socrates Outtakes