Buffa Bullet Round

Live from KC, I am breaking out one of my favorite blog tactics.   Random fire stream of consciousness….here we go. Being out in the country has it’s ups and downs but every once in a while is just what you need.   Out here in DeSoto, Kansas, there are times where I need to … More Buffa Bullet Round

Hello Jhonny Peralta

Quick take reaction to the close to finalized signing by the Cardinals of free agent Jhonny Peralta. First, let me commend John Mozeliak for showing urgency in resolving the needs of this team.  He tested the trade market and found a match for David Freese and improved his horribly 2013 ranked outfield defense with Peter … More Hello Jhonny Peralta

Peoria Fundraiser For Tornado Victims in Illinois

Readers, As a result of the devastating tornadoes that struck down in Peoria, Illinois last week, the Cardinals Midwest League affiliate is having an auction to raise money for the victims.   These acts of mother nature can wipe a family’s house  away in mere seconds and destroy lives, so they need all they help … More Peoria Fundraiser For Tornado Victims in Illinois