The Rant Lounge

Let’s slip into a little topical discussion in the Quick Hits Variety as the night falls and another 24/7 bull rush settles in.  I don’t get a lot of time these days to blog because of the 50 hour work weeks at Senoret and the life of being a dad and struggling to have one, … More The Rant Lounge

The Set List

With hardcore blues music on my mind, allow me to polish off a few topics as we turn over the night into the new morning.  Midnight means one thing for me.  Get things off my chest.  Here we go.   Peyton Manning Revisited This afternoon and evening I had a well played battle with a … More The Set List

The Buffa Blast

Here’s a quick dose of meds from my head.  45 minutes to write and then set to launch.   Peyton Manning gets released by the Indianapolis Colts.   After 14 seasons, Peyton is heading elsewhere.   This is NOT a surprising move at all.   When Bill and Chris Polian were fired a couple of … More The Buffa Blast