Peace of Mind

Folks, Today I am going to deliver the news and thoughts from my head in a quick, brutal unfiltered fashion.   Or, as they say, the usual route required to properly clear out the head of any debris. First, I am going to talk to you about 9/11 and some findings I have come upon this … More Peace of Mind


On my mark ladies and gents, I am going back into the abyss and seeking some truth.   In all actuality, I am here to spin the news again.   I told you I would be back and I am a man of my word.  Follow if you can. The Cards plain suck.   After coming from behind … More Here..We…Go

Ramblings of Thought

Greetings, Once again, it’s time to shed some light on a few things.   I’ll forgo the usual opening monologue and simply tell you there are certain events and ideas that need to be explained and visited.  A quick stream of conciousness on a rather lazy Tuesday.  The rambling begins. Swingers gets released on Blu Ray … More Ramblings of Thought

Brian Wilson Revisited/A Reason Cards fall is good/Blues Sale/More

Now that the smoke has cleared from the first day of work for the week, allow me to add a few things to last night’s epic run.   Consider this the epilogue to the initial madness. More Brian Wilson It’s hard to stop talking about one of the most chrismatic pitchers in the game.   If you … More Brian Wilson Revisited/A Reason Cards fall is good/Blues Sale/More