The Extra Bits of Info


Now that I am out of work, away from the clutches of supervisors, CEO’s and the meat of my company and at my Buffa base, the office, allow me to add some additional ammo to my response. 


-As I arrive at the internet doorway, my Yahoo home page fires a video about a husband who lost his wife in the 9/11 attacks.  Jack Grandcolas got a few a fateful calls that morning from his wife, who was on United 93, which crashed into the Pennsylvania cornfields after the passengers stages a revolt against the hijackers.   People dispute this ever happened, but according to audio and calls from the plane, I do believe it happened and Jack’s wife was on the flight.   The kicker here is that Jack’s wife, Lauren, was pregnant with their child.   Right when I saw that, fuck, I couldn’t resist clicking on it and watching the sad video to go with the shock of the tragedy.  Every time I think about that day I can’t stop wondering about the thousands of little sad stories.   A kid losing a dad.  A sister losing a brother or fellow sister.   Parents going away in one day.  Lives being shattered.   Just another story.   For a dad to be, this one stung a bit. 


-I must say the man made waterfall pools that have replaced the towers at their exact location are very nice and fitting in their memorial to the lives lost.   The largest man made pools waterfalls in the country are surrounded by rows listing every single name of the 2893 souls lost on that fateful day.   A good way to remember the people lost is to list their name right at the location where they fell and make it as if they never left.   Being a New Yorker and crossing Ground Zero daily has to be tough.  Whether you were there or not, I guarantee you I would spend at least a couple hours staring into the abyss that used to hold two of the taller buildings in the country.   Soon, new towers will surround the pools, according to architecture design, but for now, the pools forming waterfalls with the names around the top barrings will do for people needing names to fill voids.   For many who lost loved ones or friends that day, the lost souls became ghosts in the way that people didn’t see their demise, but only heard about it after the fact.   A tough way to grieve, wondering what really happened.   Its easy to stuff a story into a memory that fits the space than to imagine what really happened.   However, I am writing this from Missouri, where I was when the towers were attacked.   However, people all over the country felt something that day and while a single word can’t be used to sum it all up, my biggest feeling came down to one word.   Fear. 


-Changing gears and moods.   One way to unwind after a long day of work.  Watch a sexy italian woman on the Food Network take you to cooking school.   Giada DeLaurentis, the lovely lady with the wit and knowledge around a kitchen that stuns plenty, graced my screen when I arrived home today.  Watching her make a jam from scratch and use it for a sweet bread snack was marvelous all for the idea of watching her work.  When I see certain women, I literally turn into an animal and acquire different instincts.  Every guy is guilty of this transformation.  We see a beautiful woman whose natural and sophisticated and it elicits a set of aggressive tendencies.  These are the facts.  We see beauty and instantly think pleasure.  When I think of Giada, I think of a sexy Espresso chip ice cream melting.  When I think of Christina Hendricks(Mad Men), I get a fiery rage thinking of those hips, breasts and that red hair.   Certain Women do things to men that can’t be explained and will always grant them the power to change our minds.  Some women make us crazy and lovely ladies like Giada and Mrs. Hendricks are two of a kind.  What makes you go nuts?


-The road ahead is simple for the Cards.   Do or die!  They have been starving off death all season, winning series’, putting together four game winning streak, imploding, coming back and rising up above expectations.   With the injuries and acquisitions, its hard to think of this team’s true goal.  Here it is.  Win every game.   This team can’t afford to lose any games with Milwaukee streaking right now.   THis isn’t being done to jinx the Redbirds in their chase, but to clearly state the obvious.   The Cards dug themselves this hole, jumped in it and now have to climb out before the Brewers bury them.   All they can do is focus on their games and hope for luck from elsewhere.  They can’t afford to lose a game against Pittsburgh.   An analyst mentioned that the Cards need to go 9-3 in the next 12 games.   Those losses better be hard fought contests because this team really needs to go 10-2 or 11-1 to make up ground and gain on Milwaukee.   End of story. 


-Tiger Woods isn’t above average any longer.  He is playing golf way below average and lacks the instinct required to be who he used to be.   Woods is scarred, damaged goods and in need of helpful doctors.    On course meltdown coming soon.


-Right now, I am going on 32 hours of no sleep and getting ready to push off into a two hour bout of softball in Forest Park.   Yes, I am crazy and have a healthy antidote ready to plug in upon my arrival and that’s called a couch and remote.   Why did I do this?  They are never planned all nighters, but only a small development over time.  Writing until 130-2am produces a thought that a little sleep will just fuck with me, so I stay up.   Send out the blog, go to the gym, and come back to work and do a run.   Hours later, I sit here fried.  Daddy training?  Yes and no.  Feeling the effects of my decision making?  Yes.    This is something I don’t recommend but always feel impressed by when I hear. 


-Carlos Zambrano deserves to be barred from baseball for the rest of the 2011 season.   How many times can Big Z go off on his teammates, lose his control and alienate his team?  On Saturday, he allowed 3 home runs(8 earned runs), threw at Chipper Jones, stormed off the field, went to his locker, cleaned it out and told the trainer he was retired.   Zambrano made a fool of himself and the organization with his actions and needs to be punished.   30 games without pay or play is a start.   The man is a child and needs to be treated like one. 


-Remember folks, preseason football doesn’t mean shit but can provide small hints at a team in the 4 week exhibition period. 


-Since this dad to be is cutting out softball from his fall schedule, any time I can make the field is worth a jump, which explains my dip this afternoon on no sleep.   Its going to be hard for me to say no to a round of softball in the park.  


-Food Network Star crowned a new king Sunday night, and that man was Jeff from Chicago.   He is known as the sandwich king and will be on the Food Network Sunday at 1030am for the debut of his show.   Jeff is a charming presence with a huge personality and knack for pulling an audience in.   Look for this guy on the Food Network.  


-Skip Schumaher is hitting leadoff tonight for the Cards and starting in centerfield.   I like the move because Skip is a solid defensive outfieler and the hottest hitter on this team since the All Star.   In his last 10 games, Skip is hitting .458 and reaching base constantly.  He has raised his batting average from .271 to .292 after last night and is locking in.   Skip missed a nearly  a month with a forearm injury and will have to keep up the hitting to remain in the lineup.  


Well, folks, That’s all I got.   I’m slowly losing my grip here on the keyboard and need to rest a little before the softball plunge.   Thanks for coming back and reading and take care tonight. 


-Dan L. Buffa

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