Go F__k Yourself, San Diego!

A fresh round of unfiltered material from the news room here at Buffa Headquarters, otherwise known as a man sitting at desk pounding away at a keyboard hoping to unclog his head.   Here we go.  In no particular order, here is a stream of thought.

What sucks right now?  Having no control over what is happening to your baby before they are born?  The past week I have dealt with doctors telling my wife and I extra ultrasounds are required in order to properly find out what position the kid is in and now to see how big his lungs and kidneys are.   Everything is done as precaution for sure, but in the middle of the moment, its an emotionally draining experience.  For a few reasons.

1.)The wife is in a constant glass case of emotion.   It doesn’t matter what the news is or how it is delivered, the lady isn’t happy being restricted to a sideline spectator when it comes to her kid.  Her stress puts stress on me to try and do something to improve the situation, which usually ends in failure because I am no magic man.   A lot of stressed out people in a house.

2.)Doctors ask for a number of tests and don’t provide real answers.  I would pay cold hard cash to see what a doctor is thinking when they are talking to you.   If I could be Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood and read my doctors thoughts, get the real scoop on the situation, minds will be at ease sooner rather than later.   The White Coat Masters are a quiet pack of secret keepers, so the patients all play a game of worse possible outcome.  You wonder why they go to school for 8 years and come away with a right to teach medicine or deliver it at their own digression.  The reason is they learn so much information at school that they keep their own ideas from you because the outcomes range from a pool of 6 different outcomes.   The human body is the biggest joker of all.   It’s deeper than a God Complex.  Doctors play a game of precaution mixed with supreme knowledge in order to properly inform us but its a painful way to play.   Think of a quarterback leading his team down a field yet being hesitant to throw it deep.
3.)Now we wait until Tuesday to get the real news.   A specialist is doing an ultrasound and then we may get answers.   That’s the problem with hospitals, doctors and the medical system.    They save lives but they also keep thousands waiting in vain for an answer they may not want.   While they have us returning to the hospital for multiple checkups, they are draining our bank account with the visits at the same time.   Hospitals are places of recovery and saving, but also a place of bad news and death.   I’ll never be comfortable in a hospital.   The worst thing when dealing with the end of pregnancy for a dad is you are defenseless and can’t control or help anything.   You cant really help the wife feel better.  You can’t control the fate of your kid.  All you can do is wait and wait more.  Hanging on the suggestions and words of a person wearing a white coat that could pull a black cloud over your day.

Here’s to a healthy kid in September.  On Monday, we get answers from the doctor having to do with the reasons she is requesting the multiple ultra sounds and the reason for a specialist being brought in.   In the end, a precautionary measure, but the unknown factors of childbirth duress work on our nerves all day long.   On Tuesday, the specialist comes in and the ultrasound happens.   Look for new news on this situation on Tuesday afternoon.  Until then, resist saying prayers and asking the imaginary puppet master for help, and simply keep my wife and I in a thought or two.  This can only have one happy ending.

Let’s hit some more topics after my opening baby doctor frustration rant-

9/11 Bullshit-

I thought you would like this story from TheBlaze.com
Quite frankly, my friends, this is absolutely horrible.  How can you not find space for heroes who literally battled the beast that day?
*Get these people medicare and insurance help from diseases developed after 9/11.  First responders suffering from lung disease, post traumatic stress and various injuries.  What kind of country are we if we don’t help the wounded?  Sure, some cases are false, but a lot of these “walking dead” deserve help for their efforts and what they saw and did that day?  Come on.

*Like I said, set Mike Bloomberg’s house on fire and see who he calls for then.  It’s a testament to bad management that they can’t find room for the real heroes on that important day.

*Watching a documentary about the rise of The New Tower at Ground Zero last night is inspiring and good for the city, but in the back of my mind all I can think about is the lack of an invitation for the true heroes.   What did these people go through, folks?  Let me tell you.  While looking for a pulse that day, first responders stepped on dead bodies, saw people leap to their death, sucked in black smoke and had horrible images stamped into their mind forever.  10 years later, many first responders deal with PSTD, diseases and conditions due to 9/11.   Bloomberg is making a horrible mistake here.  Once again, set his house on fire and see what happens then.  He might have to invite the firefighters over to his home for the night.

Having said that, the documentary on the Discovery Channel is a very good reveal of the slow building of Tower One down at Ground Zero.   There are 1200 workers putting together the main tower to take over the space and slowly retake the New York skyline.   By 9/11/11, the structure will become the largest building in New York.   By 2013, the building will be finished and it is going to be beautiful and a powerful symbol of the strength of this country beneath the bullshit of the pop culture, news alerts, fake political leaders and the lack of a direction.   There are real blue collar workers taking their 24/7 energy and applying it to the building of this Tower.   In the place of the old twin towers are small waterfall structures, which carry every name of the nearly 4,000 people lost on that day.   343 firefighters, 24 policemen, and over 3,000 civilians and other first responders.   Watching this 6 part miniseries, seeing ironworkers like Mike O’Reily and Tommy Hager go 700 feet in the air and drop the metal support beams in to finish the middle structure of the building is quite powerful.   Every day, a little more gets done.  These people are trying to replace what terrorists took away that day.   Terrorists blew a hole in the most powerful city in this country, the heartbeat of America.   Looking at the end result, the true memorial will shine tall and will be something I’ll take my son to see.

Until then, soak up the Bloomberg bullshit and read this article from the Blaze.

CARDS NEWS-They suck indeed, but I will still cover their ground as they slowly bleed out towards an early October finish.   There’s a saying in sports that goes like this.  Follow until you are unable to follow any longer, until you hit a brick wall of reality that clarifies the end of the road for the team you follow with such dignity and passion.   Until I reach the wall, I fire off rounds on this team.  Read or not, I continue here. Yes, I made up that saying in sports as I wrote it. (Good job, Dan)

-Does Tony La Russa have to go?  To me, it’s time for him to move on.   Whether the Cardinals finish over .500 or not, La Russa’s patience is gone and he looks more fried every day.   With the look of this team changing in 2012, it may be the best thing for the team and La Russa to part ways.   The team may look younger next season and the roster might not include power hitter after power hitter.   How many more nights do we need to see over calculated moves and too many genius stretches by La Russa?  His patience is waning with the media and the scrutiny won’t let up.  How many “win it all runs” can La Russa stick around for here?  Whether or not his team plays a hard nine, La Russa can’t pull wins out of his roster by changing the lineup every single day?  After missing the playoffs 4 out of the past 5 seasons, is it time for a fresh start?  Once again, if La Russa stays, it isn’t the end of the world for Cardinals fans. He pulls wins from a team when they are packed with injuries and down on the ropes.  He knows how to use his roster.   However, his reliance on old ineffective veterans over younger talent is too hard to avoid.   How many times will Arthur Rhodes get the ball over the better Mark Rzepcynski?  How long did it take before Franklin got pulled from the closer spot?  La Russa has a problem with using younger players and mixing them into a roster of crafty veterans.   This has become a problem and won’t improve.   With new faces and a roster coming into play in 2012, Tony La Russa may need to move on but it will be his choice in the end.   DeWitt and Mozelaik give him firm control of his future but my guess is the clash of heads between the GM and Manager will happen soon when La Russa wants to play vets over younger guys like Tyler Greene and Tony Cruz.  Mozelaik and Head Scout Jeff Ludnow pushed Walt Jocketty out the door four years ago when their new way of incorporating and grading talent butted heads with the older vet loving Walt.   The time will come for La Russa soon as well and my guess is he won’t want to participate in another unknown roller coaster ride.

What is wrong with Jaime Garcia?

Garcia has obviously bit the wrong pepper since the All Star Break and has sucked it up.   After being a home monster and failing on the road, he has lost his last 3 home starts and isn’t pitching deep into ballgames.   This is a big time question of his durability.  I also hear he is very fragile when it comes to pitching day routines.  If something goes wrong, his entire setup is blown and he fades.   Also, keep this in mind.   Since Garcia signed the 4 year, 28 million dollar extension, he is 1-5 with a 5.70 ERA.   Shitty.   Garcia is wearing down as usual but may be relaxing a little.   His stuff is sharp but he has an ability to implode, Lohse like, in any given inning.   Garcia is a great young talent, but how far does the talent go before a natural grown ability to pitch has to step in.   The next month of starts are important for Jaime to reestablish a consistency of quality starts.  

-What went wrong with this team?  Who gets the blame?  It has to be spread around to every corner of the club.   Tony La Russa makes maddening moves yet doesn’t play the games.  John Mozelaik made two quality deals to improve this roster and did his part to set this team up to win.   The rotation faltered after a strong start.  McClellan broke down after 90 innings while Kyle Lohse and Jake Westbrook fail to stay consistent.   Chris Carpenter became a horse after the All Star Break but endured a rough first half.   The bullpen blew 23 games, suffered from bad veteran work in Franklin, Miguel Batista and Arthur Rhodes but benefited from the emergency wonder of Jason Motte.   Fernando Salas sealed the wound in the closer role for 2 months but broke down in August.  The bats rank near the top in batting average and runs scored, but relied too much on home runs in the second half and hit into too many double plays.  Its hard to blame Pujols, Holliday or Berkman because they will finish with quality seasons.    Rafael Furcal came in and helped but isn’t his old self anymore.  Ryan Theriot performed exactly the way the Cards thought he would.   Skip Schumacher bounced back after a rough first half.   Jon Jay slumped after the disastrous departure of Colby Rasmus but picked it back up and is hitting .300 and playing solid defense.  The young players on the bench(Daniel Descalso, Allen Craig, Tony Cruz) filled in capably when needed.   David Freese missed two months but is a capable RBI machine when healthy.   The Cards suffered from injuries and a lack of consistency and strong clutch performances, but met expectations drawn up around the league.   In the words of Ex-NFL coach Dennis Green, the Cards were who we thought they were in April.   Starting pitching and bullpen work were going to make or break this team and unless the lineup outslugged teams for the entire season, this operation was going to fail.  Bottom line.  The Cards weren’t good enough to consistently win.  Leaks started in the bullpen, led to the rotation, back to the bullpen and into the lineups. 

-Downplaying the loss of Adam Wainwright is a mistake.  Most analysts wrote off the Cards after Waino went down in March.  Teams lose their ace and suffer.   This downfall wasn’t something a fan couldn’t see from a mile away.  We all believed in the resilient spirit of this team, their ability to come back and find a way to win all the way until all those tools disappeared.  The dream was gone quick with this team.

-Picking up the 2012-2013 options on Wainwright’s contract is smart.   Do it now and lock him in.   He is throwing from 120 feet and pitches in two weeks from a mound.   He will be ready in February and the Cards locking him up for the cheap price of two years at 22 million is smart.  With the pending status of Chris Carpenter, this move was a legit direction.

-Speaking of Carp, the Cards need to lock him up quick in the offseason.   Pull him aside now and get a 2 year extension in stone.  Carpenter is important to this team with the unknown factor in Garcia’s talent and the questionable finish of this rotation.   When he is on, Carpenter can carry a team.   When at his worst, Carpenter will still provide innings and quality starts.   While some see him as expendable, locking up Carpenter is more important than keeping Berkman.   Carpenter and the Cards are connected through a loyalty to each other and the marriage needs to continue.  You can find a right fielder capable of producing a great season, but finding reliable top of the rotation starting pitching is hard to find.

-Allen Craig is intriguing and keeps hitting while looking like an option for 2012 if Berkman chooses to leave.  He also makes a great bench righthanded bat at the very least.

-Lance Berkman has said he wants to stay a Cardinal in 2012 and I believe that with the right deal, he would.  Cards helped him revive career and he returned the favor.   The parties have to remain together.  On Friday night, Berkman hit his 30th home run of the season and it was a 2 run game winning shot in the 8th inning that gave the crowd at Busch Stadium a reason to smile.   Being in attendance, I felt the passion of the crowd last night and saw a team trying to compete.  Berkman signed with this team for 8 million, and has produced 30 home runs, 81 RBI and a .291 batting average and it’s August 27th.   There isn’t a soul who could of guessed that, but the fact is Berkman is healthy, playing a decent right field and hitting like his old self.  One of the smartest moves in baseball by any GM was Mo and the Cards taking a chance on The Puma.  He wants to stay here.  I can see the Cards getting Carp and Berkman dealt with while slowly unfolding the negotiations with Albert.  Watch and see.

-It’s imperative that the Cards front office resist the urge to let Dan Loranzo and Pujols drag out the talks into 2012.   The Matt Holliday/Scott Boras talks didn’t end until mid January and that can’t happen with Albert.  There are too many open doors on this team for a long negotiating process to take place.   The Cards agreed to stop the talks in February, but now the ball is in Loranzo and Pujols’ court to restart them and involve themselves in the process.   After 11 years of service, Albert Pujols deserves a golden goose ride towards the finish line.   He is the best player in baseball and is proving it this season after a horrible start that he can still compete at the highest level.  The Cards waited until last offseason to start serious talks and paid for it.  However, this time both sides have to engage equally.   Pujols has to truly make the call on what he wants to do.   He has COMPLETE CONTROL over this situation.  Does he really want to restart his legend in another city for another team?  Does he want that pressure to carry a franchise to the promise land at age 32?  He has built a legend here in St. Louis, is adored by the fan base, has firmly planted his roots in this city and built a name for himself.   The new Busch Stadium can arguably be called the house that Pujols built.   In 2006, he was king of the city.  In 2011, he is still king of the city and touched by no other city sports figure.  Does he really want to leave that for a few extra million and a couple more years?  Do this.   Work out a 5-7 year deal with additional options years attached to it.   Make the annual rate 26-28 million per season.  Annual rate wasn’t the problem in January between the Cards and the Pujols camp.  It was years.   If Albert and Loranzo want a 10 year deal, it’s not happening.   If they want years, start the beginning of the contract at a higher annual value and watch it decrease as the years go by so if his performance naturally tails off, so does his salary.  They could also go the traditional route and backload the contract onto his older years.   There are many directions this deal can take, but hopefully it leads to Pujols in Cardinal Red and a payroll with some flexibility.   One thing Pujols skeptics must remember is that the Cards did this to themselves and structured the talks for this time by resisting to get this done 2 years ago.   Most of the offseason money will be going to Albert’s new deal and the Cards must of known this and prepared for it.  Until then, take a glass of scotch and drain it quick in order to deal with the upcoming decision making for this ballclub.

-Until then, watch them play.   That’s right.   Settle in and watch this team for the love of the game.  Last night, I went to my second game in a week for the love of the game.   Due to accompanying a pregnant woman to the game, I left after 7 innings, but watched them bring home a winner.   Highlight of the night was seeing Willie McGee take the field with Ozzie Smith and Vince Coleman for a throwback night and dedication to McGee’s service on his bobblehead giveaway night.   A great moment was seeing McGee ask permission from the field security captain to go over into the Cards dugout and meet the players.  Willie asked the man like a kid and smiled wide as he ran over to meet the current players.  A truly first class individual.   One of a kind.  Willie McGee was a clutch talent but a better human being and representative of the game.

-Jake Westbrook isn’t a good pitcher, drags too many innings out, walks too many batters, allows a ton of baserunners, throws a lot of pitches, doesn’t deserve 10 wins but he does battle out there.   Most of the time, he keeps his team in the game when he doesn’t have his best stuff.  Last night, he battled to allow 4 runs in 6 innings of work, but kept his team close.   The same can’t be said for Kyle Lohse and Jaime Garcia this week, who respectively got blasted for 7 and 8 runs, all earned.   Westbrook isn’t fun to watch or pretty to read, but he is a fighter.  His 4.80 ERA rolls a black cloud over his 10-7 record, but his tenacity is full.   The man drains your patience but doesn’t knock his team out of the game.  I respect that and this is why I would keep Westbrook over Lohse next season.   He costs less, limits the damage and doesn’t frustrate me as much as Lohse.   In 39 starts spanning 225 plus innings, Westbrook is 14-11 with a 4.10 ERA, 138 K-85 BB and zero complete games.   He comes as advertised and has been a quiet plus.

-The return of Eduardo Sanchez reduces the pain of losing setup power arm Lance Lynn.  Sanchez went down in July with shoulder soreness and is slowly making a recovery.  He is throwing at 60-70 percent and is pitching from a mound.  In the next 2 weeks, he sees action.   While this means little for 2011, the idea of a healthy Sanchez in 2012 is vital for this bullpen. In 25 games. Sanchez carried a 1.88 ERA, 5 saves in 7 chances, struck out 33 against 16 walks.  His control was a problem, but when harnessed his stuff is deadly.  A power sinker and good fastball.   The loss of Sanchez started the spiral for Fernando Salas, because Salas was used more and logged more innings after the loss and Sanchez and Lynn.  The bridge was burnt between the two talented rookies and spelled disaster for the young Cards closer.

Moving onto other topics

Buffa’s Google Searches-The power of this search engine is strong and its reach is limitless.   Every time I need to find something or get an answer, I run to the google search engine, type it in, click enter and quietly say, “Run Googles, Run”.   The result is 98 percent effective and gives me what I was looking for, whether it’s an image or story.   Shedding a light on one’s recent searches gives you clues to what makes them tick, so here are my last 7 Google searches, with or without a small story attached to it.

1.)Mike Bloomberg Not Inviting Firefighters to 9/11-This started with Denis Leary’s tweet and ended with me finding the story on the blaze.  Proof to my words.

2.)Aaron Miles/gun point-A story that I have read a little on over the years and heard about but never seeked out in full detail.   Aaron Miles and 4 other Astros minor leaguers were held at gunpoint in 2000 by 2 men at a hotel in Kissimmee, FL.  In the end, Miles took matters into his own hands, bit the captor, and freed himself before SWAT took the gunman down.   For the real story, type in the words and get a take on it.

3.)Rescue me columns-Being a media maniac, I love reading columns on my favorite show, so I seek these out during the season to get a different take.   Whether its harsh or positive, I go for it.

4.)Peyton Manning SNL clips-Look, whether you like the guy on a football field or not, his comic ability can’t be overshadowed.   His work on SNL is legendary and hilarious every time.  Dancing with the basketball coach or teaching kids how to break into a car, Manning’s timing is perfect and both these clips are good.  Here are a couple.



Here is one where Manning goes ballistic on his teammates in a game against St. Louis.  Also a Google search.(Where also Manning unleashes the greatest line by an athlete, a staple for the reason we never hear any turmoil around the Colts franchise.  “We deal with it on the field, not around the media.”)


5.)Denis Leary Los Angeles Times Article-Being a Leary nut, I saw this preview of a mag column on him while he was on Conan, and I immediately had to find it for the mere fact you can’t find the Los Angeles times magazine in St. Louis.  Good read.

6.)Steven Russell-The character played by Jim Carrey in I Love Phillip Morris, a legendary US conman and impostor who eluded authorities four times under different disguises and finally put in prison and kept there by George W. Bush himself for the embarrassment caused in Texas by Russell.

7.)Throat Cancer Lumps-A search for yours truly.  A month ago, I felt a strange lump on my neck right under my jaw line that spooked me a bit.  After a few looks and searches, it was only ingrown hair/bump that turned out to be nothing.   I lost a dear friend to throat cancer, so feeling the spot got me active really quick.

There are my 7 most recent searches.  Hopefully, you enjoyed the ride.

Parting Shots

Rescue Me Recap-After the power packed hour of television that based itself solely on the aftermath of 9/11, Tommy Gavin and company deal with more personal issues.   More importantly, reassuring young upstart firefighters who leap for power inside a firehouse and fail.   Also, the proper way to distribute letters to a fireman’s family after his death.   Tommy enlists his best friend Lou to give out letters to his family if he happens to perish and of course he deals them out immediately in order to raise the opinion of Tommy amongst his family and friends.  A good natured move that backfires on Lou when Tommy loses it the only way Tommy can, which is with emotional fireworks and a rant.  Lou’s testament to Tommy is telling his wife, ex-lover, co-workers that while the disaster of Tommy’s ruptured psyche after 9/11 is inrepairable, his good deeds are in stone.  Lou shows Tommy’s wife, Janet, a list of people Tommy has saved.  That’s the life of a firefighter.  Measuring the dangers of his professional life with the potential joys of personal strength.   I’ll alow Lou, played by the dark comic voice John Scurti, to tell you himself.

“The mind of Tommy Gavin is full of dark alleyways but it’s also the place where his greatest instinct’s reside.  Saving people, people that are still on earth with us today.”

Here’s the final season trailer again, in case you want a taste.


-Contract Talks in general.   Every long term deal is a huge risk my friends.   Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder enter a market full of possibilities and teams will put forth a long term that puts their team’s future in potential jeopardy or great reward.   Deals of 7 years or more involve crazy ideas and breakable fortune.  However, that’s the game that goes on today.  It’s wrong, crazy, ill placed but created by owners and agents who took this high stakes poker game to a whole new level.   Curt Flood gave players a right to negotiate their future, but opened up pandoras box for agents and owners to wage financial war over a single player.  25 million a year used to be a team’s payroll.  Now Ryan Howard makes it in a year’s work.  Call it inflation or the rise of sports in our country.   Stop complaining about it.   It’s getting old.  I wrote a 10 page paper on the idea of taking player salary away and putting it into the economy, but then again player contracts come from fan interaction, attendance and the purchasing of memorabilia of the same player.  Everything is relatable.

Florence and The Machine produce a new album this winter, and this is something to look forward to.  Florence Welch, with her strong voice, long slender red hair and gorgeous long legs, is a spitting image of female musical firepower.  Welch and her band produce sweeping pop vocals mixed with old school funk and modern electronic beats.  It’s a fresh blast and an experience.  In case you forgot what they sound like, here is my favorite track off their debut album, Lungs, which is called “Kiss with a fist”.

“A kick in the teeth is good for some, but a kiss with a fist is better than none.” Here’s an acoustic version.


Now tell me the woman can’t sing.  Florence has a vocal power few artists claim today.  Natural spunk.

Here’s their take on Robert Palmer’s classic, Addicted to Love


-A good friend of mine and I developed a plan for action on the Travel Channel.   With all the food shows on their own network and the discovery of cooking and authentic meals, we wondered where the shows on beer and coffee are.   A show about two guys traveling the world, drinking different beers from different countries and revealing the secrets of beer and its origin.  Defining the difference between Guinness served in America and the kind made naturally in Ireland and also served in Germany. Also, a show about the different flavors and types of coffee.   Going to Italy to get a real italian roast and onto France for the same experience.  Seeking out Indonesia for the Sumatra blend and onto Chicago for the Gold Coast blend.  Going anywhere and everywhere for two things(beer, coffee) that is enjoyed as much as food.   Now, my friend and I need funding from the Travel Channel.  Suggested names.   Beer Run.   Coffee Fix.

-Read a Jim Norton piece on Richard Pryor, in a link sent by a friend. A piece where Norton investigates the reason while watching a Pryor documentary on his career that the word N-word is bleeped out of every Pryor comedy show and album cover usage.  Look, the word isn’t smart to use unless you had a right to use it, like Pryor did.  He used it as part of his language.  Norton’s blog was brilliant.   I agree with his basic message.  The word isn’t worse than a regular curse word, and it all depends on the CONTEXT(good word Dan).  Comedians have to be able to use these words if it warrants their way of communication.  Censorship ruins their message at times.   Richards shattered it when he ranted about it.   Pryor used it like it headlined his own bible.  I remember watching Pryor when I was 13 with my dad.   My dad, brother and I watched it and laughed our asses off.   I didn’t cringe when he said the word like I do when a white piece of trash uses it.  My grandma uses it in an angry rant and I feel like smacking her for the irreprehensible use of the word.   Its all about the context.  Pryor communicated with it all the time, the same way Eddie Murphy did.   They were legends for their brutal honesty.   Putting them on a white network is like putting Sopranos on TBS.  Bullshit.  Complete utter bullshit.  Norton is like Bill Simmons without the confidence and swagger but just as potent with his words. Here is the blog.


-Hurricane Irene has taken 5 lives and counting in it’s torment of the East Coast.   Look, this is the exact reason why I don’t live on the coast.  What can you do to defense a hurricane or tsunami?  Run away.   No thanks.

-After redefining the direction of our technology with his Apple creations, Steve Jobs stepped down from being CEO of Apple to staying on the board and becoming the director.   An expected move after his run in with Pancreatic Cancer and his eventual descent.   This is a small blow to a growing company but one that only helps it rebuild with new energy.  Jobs can die today knowing he singlehandedly changed the way people could communicate throughout the world.

-After killing off Osama Bin Laden earlier this summer, The CIA killed off Al Gaeda’s #2 this month.   Atiyah Ah-Rahman was killed in a drone strike, meaning another piece of a powerful terrorist group is gone.   Taking care of terrorists is done in baby steps.

-The end of Buffa’s movie theater drought may end with either Paul Rudd’s “My Idiot Brother” or “Warrior”, a film about two brothers who meet in the ring at an MMA tournament.   The latter comes out on September 9th, and stars Tom Hardy as a brother who was abandoned by his brother and father at an early age, only to reunite with his dad as his trainer and his brother as his opponent in the ring.  Intriguing marks both these features, but the timing of this baby’s arrival and the durability of our bank account determines if I see them in the theater or at home.   Did you hear that?  This man’s moviegoing is about to run into a train known as a kid.

-Movies to see this fall.

-The Killer Elite

-Sherlock Holmes 2

-The Ides of March


-Edgar J. Hoover

-The Rams won their 3rd preseason game by scoring 2 early touchdowns thrown by Sam Bradford, who finished with 138 yards and an interception to go with 2 TD.   The defense improved on the run defense, allowing only 80 yards on 20 rushes while the secondary was burned for 282 and a touchdown.   The 3rd preseason game is the most important because the starters play a majority of the game.   Bradford looked good yet flawed, the Rams defense was active and Steven Jackson had a productive night.   The Rams are serious division contenders and judging from their preseason play, will be tough to deal with.

-The St. Louis Blues goal this next season or two.   Bring us something that repays our years, months and days as fans.    This team has been a beacon of disappointment it’s entire life.  From the inception in 1967 up until 2010, The Blues haven’t delivered one Stanley Cup championship and since the late 1960s, we haven’t seen Stanley Cup play.   Slap the Cards for failing to make it the past few years, but remember they have 10 titles and 3 titles since the Blues arrival in St. Louis and 7 appearances in the World Series.  The Rams arrived in 1995 and won a Super Bowl in 1999 after the Football Cardinals delivered nothing in the 1970s and 1980s.   The Blues need to give us something back, bring back the real excitement of playoff action.   That’s all I want.  I’ve followed this team as long as I have the Cards and I just want playoff action again.  A playoff win is this team’s goal.

That’s all there is to tell at the moment.   Thanks for reading and staying awhile if you did. Before you leave, know one thing.  I will return and more will be revealed.   There’s always a side to a story when I’m around.

Once again, the Cards do suck.  After 2 wins in a row, they are losing 5-0 in the 4th right now.  Hear that Rams and Blues, get it done.  We need sports relief in this city.

I’m done.

Goodnight and good luck,

Dan L. Buffa









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