Donuts and Beer with Dan and John: ‘Ant-Man 3’ and St. Louis sports discussion

Sometimes, you just need a hot microphone, a willing partner in podcast crime, and just get into it. That’s what John, host of the Lost Losers Podcast and a good friend, and myself did last weekend on the cusp of a work week debuted March and kicked off a flurry of St. Louis sports. Staying true to our name, we enjoyed local donuts and beer as we recorded the conversation.

The Cardinals are back. The Blues are reeling yet still dealing. The MLS soccer team in town, STL City SC, is cranking up their schedule with their first home game tonight. The Battlehawks are attempting to go 3-0. Things are good and alive in town, and that includes the movie world.

Ant-Man 3 underperformed with critics and at the box office, summoning a review between John and I that disputed the quality of the movie. Give us a watch and listen, and see where you fall in our chat. There will be more, but there is no real schedule happening. When you have jobs and responsibilities that matter, the fun stuff doesn’t need to be regulated.

Among the sports topics discussed, John predicted Ivan Barbashev would be traded, which he was mere days after this recording. We broke down the Vladimir Tarasenko/Ryan O’Reilly deals, and what they could mean for Doug Armstrong’s future plans. The Cardinals were previewed, breaking into the outfield conundrum Oli Marmol and company face in Jupiter.

Here’s the video. If you want to get these in your email, subscribe to the Ramble On with Buffa YouTube channel. Or just come here to the Dose for your opinionated medication. Cheers.

Donut shoutout: Donut Drive-In at the intersection of Chippewa and Watson Road. 

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