Peace of Mind


Today I am going to deliver the news and thoughts from my head in a quick, brutal unfiltered fashion.   Or, as they say, the usual route required to properly clear out the head of any debris.

First, I am going to talk to you about 9/11 and some findings I have come upon this week.   Believe me, this isn’t a redundant section.   Watching Inside 9/11 on The National Geographic Channel, a viewer was given the chance to see the entire timeline of events that led up to the attacks.   From 1997 when Osama publicly made the promise to September 11th’s tragedies.  9/11 comes full circle here and allows you to see the game as a whole.   Follow me as I fire off notes.  I won’t reveal where the planes hit or exact locations.   Just information I picked up from the 3 hours of documentary footage.

*Disturbing revelations leading up to the event don’t leave the mind for awhile.  They stick with you.   The main idea being that the attacks could of been prevented if intel had been accepted and not denied.  Conspiracy nuts revel over these details, but I’m strictly going with the notion that our government was TOO NAIVE to think we could be attacked.  They thought there was no way and got burned.  The USA government is classically guilty of thinking they are untouchable.  Osama Bin Laden changed that in one day.

*After an American journalist interviewed Osama Bin Laden in 1997 and Osama told the world he was going to attack the US, there were three times the US had a chance to kill or capture him.  At this time, he was already a known terrorist and capable of an attack.  The first chance came when US intel had tracked Osama to a reservation in Pakistan and had a chance to kill him but Bill Clinton said no because there were women and children around.  That’s right, let’s not harm a few innocent relatives of a terrorist.  That’s wrong.  That came in 1998.   In 1999, there was another shot when Osama met with a Prince in Afghanistan.  US forces backed off again because they feared killing an Arab prince would sour relations.  Wrong. The Prince knew who Osama was and knew of his plans so he took a risk by meeting with him.   Second chance under Bill Clinton failed.   This happened right around the Monica Lewinsky controversy.  Bill was busy.  The third time came in 2000, right after Bush took office.  Immediately, he was notified that Bin Laden was a threat and needed to be captured.  Bush and company resisted the urge.   In 2001, months before the attack, the CIA once again notified Bush of an imminent attack on US soil.  Bush, once again, said no.  That’s right.  We had 4 times to capture or kill Osama and failed to act. The leaders of our country failed to act.  Please withhold any statements suggesting this happens all the time with the Jihad.  Wrong.  Osama was a real threat and bombed the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia right after his threat on TV.   This particular threat was serious and we did nothing.  The next time someone tells you the US didn’t know where Osama was, please correct them.   We had his location, but did nothing about it.  2 Presidents bypassed the chance to take him out and not until Obama finally gave the word this past Summer did Osama finally go down.  There were many chances to stop a huge attack.  That’s the sickening feeling.  The idea that the worst attack in US history could of been prevented.  Its a truly terrible idea.  For the 5 yr olds reading this, imagine telling dad there was a monster in the closet repeatedly and he didn’t even check it once.   The USA let the

*National Geographic isn’t lying here. 10 yrs later, the facts are in and the jury is out.   Certain conspirators will claim these facts are fabricated in order to fit their unbreakable point of view. I am different.  When it comes to politics, nothing is out of bounds.  Every bit of into qualifies.

*Why take Osama seriously in 1997?  Why not?  Its foolish to doubt a man who either isn’t afraid to die or has people in his command who aren’t afraid to die.   Failing to take Osama Bin Laden seriously ended up costing our country nearly 3,000 lives.

*For the people thinking bombs went off at base of towers, that’s inaccurate. The 20,000 gallons of jet fuel that crashed into towers on 93rd floor exploded down elevator shaft and into the lobby.  Once the jet fuel gets into the interior part of the building and down the elevator shafts, it’s like melting butter on a hot pan.  Only a matter of time before collapse. When the planes hit the towers, they blasted through the protective layer in between the floors that made the metal exposed to the 2,000 degree flames. The impact of the aircraft and jet fuel created collapse.

*When people attempt to involve conspiracy theories, it comes from a lifelong discomfort with the US Government.  That is warranted, but the conspiracy nuts of 9/11 are trying to create a facade that breaks down the intelligience of the hijackers.   It doesn’t work when examined.   The hijackers(including pilots and muscle) prepared for these attacks for 4 years.  They lived in various homes throughout the United States while attending flight schools in Phoenix and Houston.   Terrorists aren’t stupid people and they perform their missions with intense detail.  This is what people forget.  They chose Trans-Atlantic planes because they carried the most fuel, the most people and were capable of the most damage.  In 1993, Jihad terrorists set off a bomb at the base of the Towers that killed some yet didn’t do the job.  The second time, they used the jetliners like missiles and attacked the top of the buildings, where the stability is more vulnerable.   They were tacticians.  That is the hardest part for civilians to understand.

*United 93 slammed 590 mph into a cornfield in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.   Yes, it happened and there was a crash site.   After hearing tape from the cockpit and from phone calls from loved ones, a few of the victims got together and made an attempt to take back the plane from the terrorists.  This is a common conspiracy theroist’s dream because they feel there never was a United 93 and if they took control why didn’t it hit a location.   Well, since some people did fight back, the plane slammed into an empty cornfield and not a key location in Washington DC, where air traffic controllers had the plane heading before it derailed straight down.  Unless Osama hated farmers, this plane didn’t hit its target and 44 people died with a portion of them putting up a fight.

*Just for kicks, I will tell you I would of done something I heard about the other planes crashing into the towers and I knew our plane was headed for a similiar fate.  Buffa wouldn’t of went quietly.  That’s easier said than done, but if you have something to live for and have some balls, it works.

*For the people who jumped from the towers, it was a do or die slower decision.   They had two choices.  Burn alive or jump and make it quick.  The first responders hauled 100 pounds of equipment up the stairs, and they weren’t going to make it to floors 85 or above, where the impact zones were located.   A truly chilling sight to see people jump was the only option for those people trapped by fire and smoke.  Wonder what helpless is?  Swallowing tons of smoke and trying to breathe.  I bet the people who jumped had zero idea when they woke up that morning that they would fall to their deaths less than 4 hours later.  That’s the horrifying part.

*Watching the towers collapse is like watching a movie.   Buildings falling into heaps of metal and smoke chasing people through the streets.  The island of New York was literally covered in black smoke, and watching the video of people running for their lives is unsettling.

*The documentary includes interviews with 60 CIA operatives, journalists, victims widows and survivors.   There is sound from the cockpit of each plane, coming from the terrorists themselves or the flight attendants.  This documentary pulls zero punches in it’s recounting of a tragedy.

*The meat and potatoes of this series is seeing how the USA was caught off guard and basically beaten by an evil opponent here.  It’s simple.  Our country was beaten in a chess match of life or death.   What I will take away from this day isn’t the conspiracy theories.   I will spend my time thinking of the chances we had to take out Osama Bin Laden.  The chance we had to stop this attack with all the intel that was received and put off or frankly avoided.  That is what I will remember here.   Obama got Bin Laden, but to me his death came too late.  He hasn’t done much since 9/11, and why should he have to.  Bush’s engagement in two wars threw him into hiding.  His death was welcome but came way too late.  As Denis Leary and a million other people will tell you, I’d rather have the 2896 people who died back instead.

Now that I’ve worked Ground Zero and its vast history like a renegade rescuing the truth, I’m moving onto more well known sections.

The Cards Terminally Ill Ward

A Reason To Watch Cards Battle Milwaukee this week-Spoiler alert. Plain and simple.  Throw this team off course.  While highly unlikely, Cards can’t go down without a fight and it starts tomorrow in Milwaukee.  The Cards can’t catch the Brewers unless a miracle happens.  The Brewers would have to finish the season on a 13-14 run while the Cards finished 24-4 in order to force a one game playoff, according to writer Bj Rains pointed out this morning.   That isn’t happening folks, but tune in to see if the Cards can salvage a little dignity.

Jason Motte finally returns to the closer role and impresses. It’s been a long time since Jason Motte fumbled the closer role in April of 2009.   On Sunday, Motte went 1-2-3 to nail down his first save in 2.5 years.  He belongs there for the rest of the season.  Once again, the Cards have nothing to lose by installing Motte there.  Everyone else has gotten a halfway fair chance to close games after the implosion of Ryan Franklin, so let Motte take his reps.  Motte is on an historic run for a reliever.  (Tapping wood as I write), Motte hasn’t allowed an earned run to score since June 23rd.  Repeat that to yourself.  Motte hasn’t pulled a Mitchell Boggs, come into a game and widened a deficit or closed a gap before securing 1-3 outs.  Since the same date, Motte has only allowed 1 unearned run to cross and only 1 inherited runner.  That’s freakishly good and while its only a stat, Motte deserves the benefit of the doubt and be given the ball in the 9th inning.  If it works out, next season’s bullpen starts to take shape.   If not, add him to the list of 9th inning casualties and start searching.  If Motte takes over in the 9th, Fernando Salas returns to his “jack of all trades” job, Lance Lynn comes back as your fire fighter in tight spots and Eduardo Sanchez sets up.   Everything starts with Motte getting a fair shot.

The Lance Berkman situation.   The next week will determine if Berkman stays a Cardinal or gets traded to another team contending for a playoff spot.  The Texas Rangers may come calling this week and while there are reasons to keep Berk around, trading him may bring the team a huge gift.   This is a tricky situation.  The Cards can trade Berk and receive a pretty good prospect in return from a team like the Rangers.   Or they could hold onto him, try to work out a deal, get no picks and may be headed to arbitration if a deal can’t be reached.   The third option is Berkman walks after the season.   Berkman has said he truly wants to be a Cardinal next season.  The Cards could use a decent prospect with their farm system getting depleted throughout this season.   When the Cards traded for Mark DeRosa in 2009, the Indians ended up getting current closer Chris Perez.  With the Rangers desperate to return to the World Series and needing to replace the injured Nelson Cruz, Nolan Ryan and company may reach deep for Berkman’s rejuevenated services.  If the Cards feel they can let Berkman go and pull him back in free agency, make the deal.   Cards GM John Mozelaik can pull Berk aside and tell him this is a win/win situation.  The Cards win by getting a decent draft pick, and Berkman gets a shot to win a World Series.   If Berkman really wants to come back, he can weigh that decision after the season.   However, Berkman may want to resist a trade and stay.   It’s in the Cardinals hands to decide.   Knowing the draft savvy smart minds of Mozelaik and scouting expert Jeff Luhnow, they will examine the potential prospect to come over to St. Louis.   They will know if it’s worth the deal or not.   This isn’t about this season.  The deal here is wondering about the next 1-2 seasons.   The Cards gave Berk a chance to restart his career, and he did.   Now that the Cards are hanging out of the race, the decision is to trade or keep.  If Berkman wants to return next season, consider the prospect and think about making the trade.  Imagine if the prospect is a shortstop, second basemen, or closer close to major league ready action?  There is a lot of consider here, but the Cards must examine these steps closely.

5 Reasons to Watch Rescue Me on WednesdayThis gritty drama is coming to a blazing end and only has two hours left to finish it’s round of firefighter torture, but tomorrow’s episode is going to be packed with explosive dialogue, storylines and a collision of attitudes.   Here’s reasons to watch if are curious.

1.)A Gavin Wedding is happening.  Tommy’s daughter, Colleen, is getting hitched to  Shawn and the ingredients here are that Shawn’s black and proud family will be mixed with the raging alcoholic pack of animals known as the Gavins.   Aggressive dancing, racial slurs, drinking, fire and drama will fill the room but this just makes for great dialogue from female stars Andrea Roth and Callie Thorne.  They are the two headed monster in Tommy Gavin’s side.

2.)The crew engages with a 5 alarm fire downtown.   This will put every guy on the crew to the test and cause certain uneasy relationships, such as between Tommy and his best friend/lieutanant Lou, to come full circle.   Denis Leary and John Scurti are great together because they are brutally honest in their interactions.  Lou thinks Tommy is a hero but also a doomed dead soul who never left 9/11 mentally intact.  Tommy wants Lou to be a godfather to his new kid but knows he is out of shape and needs to diet.  These two are like equally matched animals in a cage.  The fact that neither own an Emmy for their work here is wrong and shows a decent prejudice against the real hardcore dramas on FX.   Trust me folks, Justfied and Rescue Me have ten times more story than any drama on network television homes like NBC, FOX or CBS.

3.)Two hours left on this series and things will only get hotter.  Unlike HBO’s Entourage, Rescue Me will go out with a bang and be as unpredictable as television can get.   Peter Tolan and Leary are expert storytellers and are running this train for all it’s worth instead of slowing down for tissue tears and melodramatic moments.   Rescue Me is great because it takes a tough and touchy subject matter(9/11 survivors guilt) and never creeps into sentimental ground or becomes manipulative in its stories.  Everything is simply dealt with and built up realistically.

4.)Spoiler Alert.   Major character will be biting the big one Wednesday night.  A great way to get someone to watch is to tell them a major character is dying.  It sparks the curiousity.   RM has a ingenius way of killing off characters when we least expect it so I am waiting to see how it’s worked in without being overly sentimental.  A loop that’s always easily leaped through on this show.

5.)The Chance for a Denis Leary/Tommy Gavin rant.   If you don’t like his comedy or his everyday bits on Twitter, watch this show for the Gavin rants.  They are original and carry plenty of juice.  Where Tommy spins knowledge and wisdom on a fortunate receipient.  The episode where he drank a pint of Irish Whiskey and told people in a bar who loved American Idol to name at least 5 people who died in 9/11.(They couldn’t, neither can I).   An episode where he tells a grief counselor about the reason he is pissed off about 9/11.   Another scene where he cures his daughter of alcoholism by pouring 6 bottles of liqueor into a baptism well at a church and dunking her in it.   He takes a fellow firefighter up on a roof who wants to commit suicide and tells them a story of his cousin’s mother, who was as tough as nails until her son died on 9/11.   Denis Leary writes half of the scripts and I guarantee he writes his monologues.   Straight from the Leary gut of frustration. That’s Leary’s biggest tool.  He is frustrated and wants to cleanse himself by spreading the dreary news.  I compare his rants to Ari Gold’s legendary rants on Entourage.   Here are two to get a taste of in case you are thinking about diving into this first rate series.

Soft punching Final Season of Entourage-The short season lacks sizzle of previous campaigns and will attempt to pack a lot of resolutions into 26 minutes of TV time in Sunday’s series finale.   The writing, stories, and acting are all dull and recycled this season.   Jeremy Piven hasn’t had a golden moment in 7 episodes so far even though his Ari Gold faces a possible divorce, is sleeping with someone else, and is running into walls at work.  Johnny Drama is worried about a cartoon.   Adrian Grenier is still worrying about his image.  Turtle still wants to be on his own making his own money.   Eric is chasing his ex-wife around town.   All the characters are going through the motions and showing us nothing new.  Last season’s need to carry a bang, like the final hours of Rescue Me are.   Show us some fire.  Spirit.  A reason to feel bad you are leaving.  So far, Entourage is only showing us it’s age and the reason it’s taking a leave of absence before a full screen feature arrives in 1-3 years.  Doug Ellin has crafted a bromance to die for and follow along with for 7 seasons.   The reason I kept coming back was to see what the crew was up to and how many times Gold would pop.   This season, in its final hour, Entourage is coming up limp.

A Request for The Blues-From my co-worker Chris Carrara(a hybrid of Gordon Gekko, Al Maclinnis and Clint Eastwood) to the Blues front office and team.   Win before I die!  Carrera is 55 years old and a diehard Blues fan only wanting to see some real playoff action for the first time in….a long time.   It’s been a long time since the Blues won a playoff game and were serious Cup contenders, and it’d be a thrill to see them return as the Cards crash and burn and the Rams attempt to claim their own crown.   How long will we wait before the Blues raise Lord Stanley’s Cup?  Will it come before Chris dies or after I turn 55 years old?  This is only a question.   The Cards fan base is upset over a disappointing season.  My best guess is the Blues crowd would love the thought of a playoff series right now.

Blitz Review-A Statham fanbase film.  Clear cut and dry.  If you like Jason Statham’s british action hero bad guy asskicking ways, this direct to DVD thriller is for you.   If not, keep looking.   The latest Statham action film centers around reckless detective Tom Brant(Statham), an alcoholic loose cannon looking for a cop killer in London.   He gets a new partner Porter(Paddy Considine) and helps a young cop stay sober, but in one line of dialogue Brant makes his presence known.  In the opening scene, after breaking up some thugs attempt to steal a car, Brant kicks their ass and reminds them, “If you are going to pick the wrong fight, at least bring the right weapon.”   This is classic Jason Statham territory.  Action heroes parading the streets looking for evil and finding a sizeable measure in himself and taking care of the lethal variety.   It’s a solid film if you know what you’re getting into.   This film won’t break records or win awards.  It also isn’t a paycheck film for Statham.   I say that because I really believe he likes making these movies, has never raised his asking price for work and does all of his own stunts every time.  After his last adventure, The Mechanic, did well in theaters, Statham signed up for this movie adapted from a crime novel.   Aiden Gillen makes a solid bad guy, playing a psycho with revenge on his mind and Luke Evans has a small part as a sympathetic cop.  However, Statham is the show here.   While not groundbreaking or fresh, Blitz gets the job done for a moviegoer seeking an action fix.

Attention readers.   A small side bit here about what I do with this forum and how it needs to be digested.  Call this the reminder.  From time to time, readers and random souls will tell me some of my words are too rough for them or my opinions rub them wrong.  Well, guess what.  I’m not changing.  There’s nothing I can do about the way a certain subject matter hits me.  I call it like I see it.  If I don’t believe in god and he happens to enrage me, that is the way I feel and it isn’t intended to hit you personally.  If I say 9/11 was caused by a retarded government and lazy president work, that is my opinion based off facts and video I have seen.  It’s my take.  My opinions on religion, politics, sports, film, and life are as good and honest because I don’t filter them for the sensitive crowd.   What I say here shouldn’t be taken personally by anyone.   Please, read it if you can but if it makes you get very hot and think personally about its connection to you, I will tell you its not my intention to make you mad.  My intention is to make you think a different way for a few seconds.   My intention is to get into your head a little and spin it but not inject personal smacks at anyone.   Ladies and gents, if every writer who wrote a brutally honest piece was taken seriously, there would be a ton of dead writers and very dead readers.   My intention here is to enlighten you.  Tell you what I think and see it how it lands.  If I tone myself down or hide a thought, I am not being a good writer.   I am only as good as my material.  Let’s get on with this and start to call the wrapup crew in.

Music to Track Down-

22-20-“Devil In Me”

A fast moving rock tune that accompanies the trailer for Johnny Depp’s thriller, The Rum Diary.   22-20 carries a sound that merges The Doors with The Stooges.   Dirty bluesy rock fun.  Listen and enjoy.  Just a song.  The opening of this song is about as strong of a “get in your seat and strap in” feel as any song I have listened in recent memory.   This song doesn’t waste one of it’s 4 minutes and 19 seconds.  A fitting tune to go with Depp’s Rum Diary, a song about a writer slowly losing his mind in Puerto Rico.  This is something you hear from atop a building after midnight.   Wait for the dirty guitar solo at the halfway mark.

Vincent Buffa News-After seeing the ultrasound specialist this afternoon, the resolution is that my boy will be a small baby.  That’s all.  The scare of fetal growth syndrome is small at best and the signs are looking good.   The heat and abdomen are measuring good but the legs and arms are coming in shorter than expected.   In a nutshell, I won’t be the father of a 7 foot giant.   Vinny may be shorter than some but I guarantee you the kid will be as tough as nails and love to tell you how he feels.   If it’s the Buffa’s, nothing comes easy.   For now, I am at ease and a little more relaxed than I was yesterday.

That is all for now.   Time to unwind and relax a little.   Take the edge off a long hard fought day of answers, some small and others big.   I can tell you I have more answers and a bigger peace of mind than I did around midnight.   With the days passing comes clarity in certain corners and new ideas in others.   People ask me what’s wrong on certain mornings and I tell them quickly and with blunt power….life is happening and I am still adjusting.

Until next time,

Thanks for reading and goodnight.


P.S.-Remember, this isn’t personal.  Just an opinion.  Take it as advised.


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