Mozart Recording Session

There’s talking and then there is definitive statements.  I only wager the latter when I take to the keyboard for our chats.   Stay tuned and strap in because my words are only meant to hook you and keep you in place.  

The Rams signed Jake Long.  I really like this signing for many reasons.  First, the Rams got Long for their money and not his.  This reminds me of John Mozelaik’s rather beautiful defeat of Scott Boras at the negotiating table years ago when they brokered a deal for Matt Holliday.   Boras wanted serious Mark Teixera 22 million a year dough.  Mozelaik wanted to give 17-18 million.  In the end, the deal was 8 years and around 17 million per year.  Keep in mind Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford got very dumb money a short time later(Teixera money).  I go into this comparison so deeply because the Rams signed Long for 9 million a year over 4 years when he wanted 11-12 million per season.   Long is a beast when healthy and a premier left tackle who will beef up the Rams defense of Sam Bradford.   The long Bradford stays on his feet the better and Long on the left side with Roger Saffold on the right and Scott Wells in the middle works in our favor.  Long is a big sign and a focus of the offseason approach from Fisher and Snead.   They signed Jared Bell and now Long.  They let go of injury liability Danny Amendola and freed the shackles of Steven Jackson.  They didn’t indulge in Miami’s silly chase of Brandon Gibson.  They have a lot of top draft picks and may pull in a wide receiver or safety.   I suggest making a nice offer to Giants WR Victor Cruz and former Ravens safety Bernard Pollard.  Just saying.
The Cardinals are moving closer to the season and the questions that remain are depth issues.   Does Matt Adams make the roster or not?  How many starts does Pete Kozma get at short before Mozelaik pulls off a late deal for a SS?  Who wins the 5th spot in the rotation?  My money is on Joe Kelly now that the coaching staff is taking its time.   Shelby Miller will either be a long reliever or a Memphis starter until Jake Westbrook blows a hammy or Jaime Garcia’s shoulder explodes.  Is Mike Matheny a reincarnation of Cool Hand Luke or just a tough dude?  Can Jon Jay get hits on the road and resist crashing into the outfield wall?  Does David Freese play more than 130 games?  How many starts does Matt Carpenter get at second base with his batting average hovering around .330 in May?  Back off Daniel Descalso.  This lineup needs hits and a big bat.  Secure the defensive bench spot.  What year does Allen Craig have with a 5 year cushion under him now?  What does Adam Wainwright do without a contract? Does Matt Holliday cut the shit and have that breakout year we have been waiting on or continue to produce just solid production?  What stops the Cards from having the best 7-8-9 inning gas station squad in Rosenthal, Boggs and Motte?  Last but not least, does Carlos Beltran avoid the Lance Berkman injury bug in his second year as a Card.   Questions of curiosity and depth.  It’s that time of year.
The Blues made a breakthrough last week.  They swept their homestand, beat three decent to great teams and put their foot back in the Not Fucking Around Crew ring.  When this team is right, they are fucking dynamic and hard to outlast.  They may get outplayed on the overall quality of play front(winning faceoffs, forecheck) but looking at the scoreboard is the best measure of any team and the Blues have won 5 of 6, including a pair of recent overtime triumphs.   The last involved a beautiful give and go between Vladimir Sobotka and Chris Stewart.    Stewie is on fire as of late, scoring 7 goals and assisting on 7 goals in his last 7 games.  He earned player of the week honors.   The man is a 20 pounds lighter version of his previous devilishly talented self.  He has the hands of baby jesus and made Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller look like chopped meat in net in sealing the win on Saturday.  The team is currently at fourth in the conference and plays Vancover tomorrow with the returning services of Andy McDonald.  All the injured parties are returning to the pack as we speak, which should only strengthen the team.   What eats at me is the painful fact this team will let us down again?  It’s a sad fact and one that I hope is wrong.
If you need a reason to get hooked on Banshee, watch this breathtaking fight scene from the show’s first season, which concluded in blazing fashion on Friday night with Season 2 to begin filming shortly.  I call this The Albino VS. Lucas Hood.  Brutal is the word here.
It’s amazing how a critic like myself can have second thoughts on a film a few days after he posts his review.   There are movies I am sure about and then there are others that I jump too quick on or against.  The latest example is The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  I liked it, laughed a decent amount and gave it 3/5.   Days later, I am thinking about those parts and not holding the same framework.   It’s not that I think it is bad but is it worth seeing in theaters?  I am not sure.  I am going to start taking a little time before I post my reviews.  Unless it’s instant love or hate.  This official film critic deal is still new to me.  There was a time where I could give two different reviews of a movie to two different people.  Now that is hard to accomplish.  I have a reputation to uphold.
Twitter is opening more doors for my writing and website.  Tonight, just by chance I am engaging in a conversation with Banshee co-stars Antony Starr and Hoon Lee about who is better looking(no homosexual overtones, just fun shit) and who is tougher on the show.  Other Banshee fans on twitter are getting in on it and the conversation reaches new levels of insanity.  It’s just a testament to how well this social site connects the random people.  Facebook is dying.  Twitter is growing.  This is why.  True connection.  People don’t use Facebook for serious communication anymore.  Twitter is a more engaging and challenging practice.  I have more fun and get more electric on there.  The key is using creative and popular hash tags after your words.  I have coined hash tags like “Manshee”, “FansheeArmy” and more common ones like “TrueGrit” or “STLCardsObsessive”.   That way, people who don’t follow me but use the hash tag see it and we connect.  More common ones are team names like #STLCards or #STLBlues.   It’s not for everyone but if you have a need to inform and crave exposure get on there and get to work.
Started work at Bommarito.  Without getting too excited I can tell you this job is smoother, sharper and less taxing on the nerves than my last two jobs.  Bommarito Wines is a highly efficient company that has been around for decades.  The owners, Anthony Bommarito Jr. and Sr. are on the floor daily and talk with the workers and give them advice.  It’s a personable working environment.  Everybody doesn’t love their job but nobody hates it.  It’s not a perfect gig but I left it not feeling pissed, stressed or needing alcohol through an IV on my car ride home.  It’s only been one day but I can tell you this job will do just fine for now while I plan world domination with Film-Addict.
Speaking of my website, we have a table at the Convention Center this weekend for the Wizards World STL Comic Con.  It’s our first huge chance at exposure and marketing.  We have merchandise, posters, t-shirts to giveaway and all people have to do is sign up and register.  If you have time, come on down.  Big time for my site to get thrown out of the nest and fly a little.
Sam Bradford’s time is now.  Now that Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola are gone, this Rams team belongs to Bradford.  Coming into his fourth year as a pro, Bradford has to make it happen this year with or without new weapons.   In the NFL, you are expected to win with less than great talent.   Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have done it their entire career.  Bradford isn’t expected to play up to their caliber but sooner or later the kid has to break the youth bread and become a better team commanding passer.   He has gotten three years to get bumped, bruised and mentored by older players.   He has a solid foundation in the coaching staff for the first time in his career.   Bradford has zero excuses to fail.   If the Rams acquire OL Jake Long this week, Bradford’s job may get a lot easier.   Older and less mobile Long is better than Roger Saffold at full strength.   With more protection, Bradford’s job gets easier.  He’ll get more time to find a target and can set himself.  Unless the Rams acquire a big high profile RB or WR, this team is Sam’s team.  Play him the Herb Brooks speech in the USA-Russia title game.   “This is your time!”  The time is now for Bradford to step up.  He is making elite QB money now and has to start playing like one.  He has showed improvement but I want more.  I want this kid to dominate games.  If he can, this team is a threat and can steal a wild card spot.  If he is not, the Rams are easily a 6-10 team. 
I am glad I am one of the few people from my generation that doesn’t have to drink in order to have a good time.  If I got a dollar for every FB post on my timeline about “being drunk and feeling good”, I wouldn’t have to work.   It’s quite pathetic to witness.  People seeing alcohol as some form of drug needed to relax and lose themselves.  I can go hang out with my dad, have a good cup of coffee, a beer or two, a fine cigar and talk about everything from beautiful women to life and not get drunk doing it.  It’s something that I am proud of.  There is no need to GET DRUNK and act obnoxious.  I’m sure Ill get plenty of sneers and snide remarks for this post but damn it this had to be posted.  I see too much of it ending in pain, tragedy and regret.  Trying to raise a kid in this mad world is harder than I thought.  As a parent you have to play defense for your kid to all the human engineered pollution that goes on every day. Just do me a favor and remember.  Alcohol isn’t required to have a good time.  End of rant.
T.J. Oshie is hurt again and I am not sure how much more time he will get on this team of burgeoning young talent.   With new stars like Vlady Tarasenko and Jaden Schwartz making big time contributions how much more time does the fan favorite get.   I’ve said it once and will say it again.  David Perron produces with his stick and Oshie doesn’t do it enough.   You give and you take.   All I see TJ doing is taking steps back and getting hurt.   If he were healthy I would call him trade bait.   Something has to give there.
Example of St. Louis weather.  82 degrees on Thursday.  39 degrees on Saturday morning for my St. Pats run downtown.   What a smoky heaping pile of bullshit.  This is why my knees are killing me.  Changing weather kills your bones.   It’s just brutal.  It’s a good thing I have sex, coffee and bacon to block out most of the pain.  
And with that note, I am gone.  
Something to remember first.  If you love good old fashioned Rock N’ Roll music, buy the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s album tomorrow, Specter At The Feast. They are real rockers and used this album as a healing process after the lead singer’s dad died backstage at a show in 2010. True storytelling power going on here.
If you want a truly great film you will rent either Rust and Bone or The Intouchables on DVD today, both of which received a perfect 5/5 review from me in 2012.   
That’s all there is to tell.  Thanks for reading and goodnight.
Sincerely without warning,
Dan L. Buffa
(The L is for my grandfather Lawrence, a writer for an old retired paper in St. Louis.   I believe he is where I got my writing ambitions and skill set from.  He was a great man.  He gave my dad hell for dating my mother, but was strong and good to his grandchildren.  He is missed.)

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