Stream of Consciousness

A stream of consciousness….

  • Cards news.   Beltran and Molina in ASG starting lineup, batting 2nd and 6th respectively. Hope Yadi doesn’t hurt the knee and Beltran is ginger as usual in the outfield.  Go NL and that’s only because the stupid rule of this game determining the WS home field is in play. 
  • Keith Butler was sent down and I am fine with that.  I don’t know what the Cards are doing with Carlos Martinez,a  prized prospect and future rotation mainstay.  The kid has lights out stuff and pitched well Saturday at Wrigley.  However, he was sent down in May to be stretched back out as a starter after a brief callup.  What are they doing now with him?  He will have to be sent back down and stretched back out.  I hate when the team messes with players like this, especially younger ones.  Decide on a road with a player.  The rotation is crumbling a bit lately and if that’s the case make a move and insert a fresh arm like Carlos into the rotation.   Is Shelby Miller in need of a shoulder exam and is he suffering from shoulder soreness?   If you want to limit his pitching for the second half, give him a DL stay and see what Carlos can do with 2 starts.   If not, what is his role?  I hope he doesn’t take the Joe Kelly mystery role spot. He’s too important.
  • Speaking of Kelly, I somehow think he is trade bait.  With Carpenter on the mend and Martinez with the club and Wacha and free agency lurking, Kelly could be a piece inserted into a package trade.  He has proven success as a starter in the big leagues and can also be an effective long reliever.  His future in STL is cloudy at best.  His July 27th start could be his last before Carp takes over.  If you can’t use him, get something for him.  The team and Kelly deserve that.
  • I may have the chance to interview one of my favorite actors, Mark Strong, next month.  He is a true underrated gem and here is the piece I wrote on him two weeks ago.
  • My son gave himself a black eye and a chin bruise because he likes to throw his head into walls when he is mad and takes his agony out on himself.  One day, when it all starts to hurt, he will reconsider all those head shots.  The way it is, my son could overtake Kurt Warner in concussions before he is 5 years old.   The kid just doesn’t care and is a pure brute.  But he is mine and tough and with the insane amount of cuddling I see with kids these days, I will take his physicality to the bank.
  • I won’t be watching the All Star Game because I have a screening and I really don’t feel the need to donate 4 hours to a very long and stretched out game.  I can watch the highlights or DVR it and watch the Cards do their thing.   This break isn’t just for the players.  It’s for hardcore fans like me that need a fucking break.
  • NFL Training Camps start in a few weeks and the preseason is a couple months off.  I am extremely excited to see what Bradford, Fisher and company can produce this year.  There were upgrades made and depth added.  Fisher Ball is in full swing and I can see this team getting 7-9 wins with the slightly easier schedule and second year in a row with Bradford working with OC Brian Schottenheimer.  
  • Managing a website is hard and time consuming because you don’t want to act like a politician and promise things you can’t produce.  If I say there is a section called the Daily Dose, it will be refreshed at least once a day.   Promises are put together by one’s integrity.  
  • Crafting A Nation, a beer documentary partially filmed in STL, has a premiere downtown at the MX Theaters on Thursday night at 8pm.  I posted something on my website about it because its an intriguing project.  Two brothers putting their livelihood on the line to try and do what they love for a living and that’s make beer and open their own brewery.  I have all the respect in the world for men and women who put their financial well being on the line to do something they love.  In a way, I am doing it with film-addict.  
  • It’s time to go job hunting online so I must wrap this up.   Looking for work is a hard walk because you come into a company at the bottom and truly have to do some work to get to a respectable level.  Everybody there knows what they are doing and you don’t.   Doing it over and over really sucks.   
Thanks for reading.  

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