Quick Rundown

Before I settle into another subpar episode of True Blood, let me bring you the news.  First, I sound like this because I just watched the superb show entering its second season called Newsroom where Aaron Sorkin writes sensationally true Mamet like dialogue and pisses off Republicans with his blunt story telling antics.  Second, I am only watching True Blood because I have given the long overrated series this many hours of my life, I will be damned if I miss a scene with Jessica taking her clothes off or seeing how it all plays out.  I am dug in.  So here we go. The rest of the points will be quicker than this lengthy quite preachy Buffa like opening statement.  Fuck I want coffee but it’s midnight and I just cleaned the teeth.  Rules….

The Cards won 10-6 in ugly fashion.  They blew three leads, including a blown save from Eddie Mujica, questionable managerial tactics from Matheny, and a 4 hour battle where the Cubs kept coming back before coming up worthless again.   Yadi Molina fired off 4 hits on one leg and could have had 6 hits.  He leads the NL with a .341 average and is doing it minus a fully able right knee.  He is the MVP right now hands down.  I don’t care about Buster Posey’s age or power.  Also, Yadi owns a record label.  Suck it Buster.  
Waino didn’t get win #13 and has been denied at least 4 wins this year due to his bullpen or the quick hook from his skipper.  He may not win the Cy Young due to this but who knows?
Matt Adams looked good for 4 games starting but please Holliday haters stay seated.  He’s still very young and good off the bench.  
I don’t want Matt Garza because he isn’t worth the prospects needed to acquire him.  Carpenter at 75 percent is better than Garza anyway.  Scratch him off the list.  Cliff Lee is worth it but will cost the Cards half their farm system for a lot of money and years. Scratch him off and insert Carlos Martinez after you trade Lance Lynn.  Oops..I just said that.  
If all goes well, Chris Carpenter takes Joe Kelly’s spot and Joe is in the bullpen again.  Sorry Joe.  Depth sucks for a few people.
Boardwalk Empire showed its first real teaser and I can’t wait for this Tommy Gun infused gangster politics bloody opera to begin.  It starts when baseball crawls towards its end.  Last season took this show to a whole new level.  
The wonderfully cult Banshee(on Cinemax) also showed us a few new clips but unfortunately doesn’t come back on air until January.  That’s too long. I’ve told every cast member on Twitter about this.  They sympathize with me and go back to filming.  
The Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case happened a year ago and the trial ended Saturday.  Let’s just put it behind us.  Stop the riots.  Plenty of African American kids have been killed by men in authority or in this case, portraying authority.  It happens every day.   Come on now.  Case in point.  Watch Fruitvale Station when it opens in STL on July 26th.  This case carried bad apples but there’s no telling what really happened and all we have is our gut.  More importantly, the media gave it a bump and miss the millions of other unfortunate justice lacking cases in the world on a daily basis.   Stop the riots.
Never never ever shoot a deadly assault rifle without ear plugs.  Your ears will ring and give off a shimmering sound for hours.   I made that mistake today when I fired 20 rounds from a M4 assault rifle(shooting 223 caliber rounds) this afternoon.  I can hear but its shattered glass at every turn and if someone around me screams I feel like a man with chalk boards and knives dating around him all night.   Just wear the ear plugs.  Safety is first when it comes to firearms.  
And yes, people kill people.  Not guns.  It takes two to tango with death.  The peace honks can suck it twice here.  As Raylan Givens said on Justified, you don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to fire.  
Hot music that I can’t get my hands on.  Marcus Mumford(Mumford and Sons lead) and actor Oscar Issacs coming together for a duet on a cover of a Bob Dylan song for the new Coen Brothers film.   That soundtrack will be mine. The song is Fare Thee Well(Dinks Song).  
I’d rather Yadi Molina not play as much in the ASG this week but the other Cards can get in there and help win the NL home field advantage.  For a team heading for the postseason, you want this.  Whether it’s fair or not(it’s not), rules are rules.  Don’t get me started on parking rules on McCausland by Highway 64 and Manchester where residents can park on a skinny two lane road.  Rules are rules so I digress.  
Monday isn’t important for a HR derby.  It’s important because Chris Carpenter takes the mound for Springfield with the intent to fire up this comeback on the right foot.  If he is anywhere near right, this Cards team just gets better and has tougher questions.  
Stop hating on Aaron Sorkin’s show.  If I am going to put the blood, sweat and tears into creating a prime time HBO show, I am going to spin my take on real news stories and not use a safer route.  Sorkin puts his views out there and people attack him like he should behave like some robot.  Why do it if you aren’t going to do it right?  Watch the Newsroom or this part doesn’t make any sense.  
Oh wait, maybe it does.  Anyway…
Road trips suck when your kid controls your mood.  He screams, you can’t do much about it yet play ball so the entire trip becomes a drag.  It’s raining, your wife is on edge and the 22 month old beast in the back wants 43 different things yet can’t put a word or two together.  So he screams because he can. 
Yes, I have been a dad for exactly 22 months.  Well, with some hours attached to it.
The clock doesn’t start when the kid comes out for me.  It starts when your wife turns into the girl from The Exorcist and squeezes the blood out of your hand.  It only lasts for a day or two.  
My son has uttered the word…”Cards”.  Once.  It has begun.  
That’s all I got.  Short and sweet.  Blunt.  My blend.  
Have a good week.  I’ll be right here.

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