Fire In The Hole

Let me just begin by saying that being a baseball fan ages a man.  You feel older than your birth certificate says you are.  You feel mistreated, hurt, and abused.  Right when your team has you feeling pretty good for donating so much fucking time to their work, they stab you in the back.   Case in point.  The past 6 games from my St. Louis Cardinals.  THIS ENTIRE BLOG will be about the Cards.  If you like Real Housewives or So You Think You Can Dance and Retarded, please delete now.  Alright ladies and gents…fire in the HOLE!

The Cards got swept today in the doubleheader at Pittsburgh and after getting off the bus on Monday with a 1.5 game lead over the Pirates, the team rests tonight with a 1.5 game deficit in the division.   Six straight losses.  6 runs scored in the 6 losses.  2 shutouts.  Pitching hasn’t been great.  Bullpen has been dented.  The lineup and bench has been a complete missing link.  No big hits.  No ambush of baserunners. No oxygen on the basepaths.  We are dead, shitty, rotten, fish in the water.  
The Cards picked a bad time to be bad.  This is the trade deadline and you are playing your main competition this entire week.  This is not the time to lay down.  After a weak 3 week in July, the Cards are finding out a harsh reality.  We aren’t good against good teams.  Make that record 14-22.  To put it mildly, which means minus a lot of blood, the Cards suck right now.  We have went from being 25 games over .500 and 2.5 games out in front of the Pirates to 20 games 19 games over .500 and 1.5 games back.  That just made me dirty saying that.  
What happened? The lineup stopped producing. I don’t need STATS genius thinkers to tell me that.  Starting in a 4-1 loss on Friday in Atlanta and ending tonight in a pitiful 6-0 defeat, the bats are colder than ice and a little unlucky.  When you aren’t scoring runs, you tend to not get the lucky bounces or gap extra base knocks.  Your line drives are caught.  You hit it down the line right to the first basemen.  You smoke deep warning track fly balls.  You hit very hard double play balls. If your name is David Freese or Matt Holliday, you hit several double play balls.  
I don’t mean to jump on The Face of IMOS Pizza and the Muscle head here but man these two guys hit into double plays like we drink water.  There has to be a line in Vegas on Holliday and Freese’s double play odds.  Give or take a one hop.  Hold the action on the 3 part putout.  I love Holliday’s hustle and Freese’s heroics but these guys need to stop dropping down suicide bunts or swing the bat like a damn golf club.  I nearly threw something through a window today when Holliday bounced into one late in Game 1.  I almost did.  I always wonder what stops me from doing that.  Probably the fact that I am not that handy and hate being a part of HANDY MAN WORK.
This team needs a jolt.  Unfortunately, Oscar Taveras is hurt and Kolten Wong can’t play CF.  The free agent market is thin for big RH bats that can make our bench a fearful area for opposing bullpens in late tight games.  The Cards need a Larry Walker or Will Clark like slap across the face.  Something to get us going.  We weren’t exactly lighting up Philly last week but we were winning games.  Faced against an equal or greater opponent, the Cards have folded big time.  Their bats aren’t giving the arms any support.  Adam Wainwright takes the mound tomorrow and we can only hope the bats give him some runs in the top of the 1st inning.  Or else he will carry that horrible 100 pound burden of keeping the game at 0-0 because dare he give up a run or two, the deficit may seem like 20-0 instead of 2-0.  Right now, that is how this team is playing.  Close, ugly, and excruciating to watch baseball.  
Jon Jay is regressing horribly.  He has gotten a few scratch singles lately, but he can afford to ride the bench more in favor of the slightly better at the moment Shane Robinson.  David Freese better start hitting because his defense does him few favors.  Allen Craig has come back down to earth at the wrong time(maybe some good old fashioned inside pitching).  Holliday needs to produce more with runners on base because his average there is slipping.  He had an RBI and 2 hits in game 1 but still fails to get that monstrous hit. Carlos Beltran is stuck in a horrible 3-30 slump.  Pete Kozma, unless he gets a scrappy hit, is an automatic out.  Daniel Descalso’s defense has gotten ugly in 2013.  Matt Adams played more games and pitchers figured him out a little.  Overall, the lineup needs a jolt from within or outside, but I don’t see a move coming.  
Worse news tonight is Yadi Molina going down with a right knee strain.  Apparently, the knee has gotten worse. You can see it in his decreasing average and lesser power strokes(remarkably he owns the Cards last 2 HR in the last 14 games played).   Yadi is going back to STL tomorrow to have it examined and it will keep him out at least 2 weeks.  Rough news.  This only makes the lineup weaker.  Puts more emphasis on poor light hitting Kozma and Jay.  This may actually force Mozelaik to pull off a trade and get the team a bat.  Since the team has regressed with a 6 games losing streak at the wrong time and lost Molina in the process, Cards GM John Mozelaik have may to make a move he didn’t want to on Thursday.  Mo’s hand has been forced.  
Well, that’s all I got.  I have a movie review to type(shit one, 2 Guns, shitty movie) and I better get to it before it suddenly becomes midnight and tomorrow starts running away on me.
Thanks for reading and goodnight,
PS-Bright spot today is the Cards no longer own Marc Rzepcynzski and Lance Lynn pitched well for a second time in a row.  Good news is good news.

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