Morning Dose

Quick to the point and blunt as a knife, I bring to you a few things rattling around the cage.  Five Takes.

*The Cards failed to register a win in Atlanta and were simply out played all weekend.  The Braves starting pitching seems to be rising up after the sudden loss of Tim Hudson and blew cold air on our bats.  It’s a shame because you wanted momentum heading into Pittsburgh but this may just send us up east in a very shitty mood.  My close friend and writing colleague PJ Nolan pointed out that seeing your staff ace(Wainwright) beat on Friday didn’t bode well for the weekend and after being shut out Saturday, Sunday’s game was wrapped up in disappointment as the bullpen let one slip through.  Seth Maness and Kevin Siegrist plunged a leak in the pipe line and the Braves charged on our team.   Atlanta is a tough place to play.  When we scored the one game playoff with Atlanta last October, I was nervous because I hated playing there.  The tomahawk chop, the noise, the lineup, pitching staff and Craig Kimbrel waiting at the end.  Atlanta visits Busch in a week so we will get another shot then.  Without their ace pitcher, the Braves are a force that doesn’t forget what happened in October and they won’t go easy this time.
*HBO isn’t just an amazing premium cable network with fine programming, but they are also a bold risk taking documentary and original film producer.  The past month they have been firing out these documentaries every Monday.  Provocative pieces of work about a wide variety of subjects.  I wrote about Gideon’s Army two weeks ago in a post(the amazing HBO doc about public defenders) and this time I am writing about The Crash Reel, the story of snowboarding legend Kevin Pearce.  He was about ready to challenge Shawn White for supremacy back in 2009 and while training for the X-Games, Pearce had a bad accident on a half pipe strip and severely damaged his brain.  This documentary takes along for the ride of his comeback.  It also provides insight to the risks that come with snowboarding on 20 foot half pipes.  I am amazed at the level of talent, balance and skill that it takes White, Pearce and others to be able to pull off these death defying moves.  However, it is a dangerous game.  Sarah Burke was 29 years old in January of 2012 when she crashed on the exact same half pipe as Pearce and died.  Her passing and the work of these renegades is showcased here in very fine form.  The soundtrack is great and the level of commitment that the filmmakers show to Pearce, his family and his story is very personal and emotional.  I have said this before and will say it again.  It’s hard for some people to stop doing what they love even if it endangers their lives.  If you’ve walked a tightrope once and someone tells you that you can’t do it again because you may fall off, you are bound to try it anyway.  It’s the way we are wired and driven to succeed.  All Pearce wanted to do when he left the hospital was hit the slopes again.  Watching his family struggle with him and his push to give it another go is so emotionally compelling that you will question the risk or lack of risk you take in your own life.  Get HBO, watch their wonderful shows, movies, and catch these weekly documentaries.  This week, they follow a woman in her 30’s who gets pregnant without a husband and tries to raise the kid on her own.   A common tale but I’m sure it will be great.  The only thing missing in these things is the soothing powerful voice of Liev Schreiber.
*Here is a Film-Addict special dual review of Only God Forgives.  Landon Burris and I tackle the polarizing film.
*John Mozelaik is like a gunslinger walking around town deciding if he should draw his gun or not.  Make a deal or choose not to.  I still believe, even after the sweep, that this team is good to go if Mo decides to stand pat.  People can cry about Kozma at short but I think he and Descalso will do the job.  We almost made to a World Series with Kozma at shortstop last fall.  I think there is a higher likelihood of a shortstop deal being made on this team than a starting pitcher at this point but I am not sure.  Mo won’t show his cards and plays everything close to the chest.  He won’t put the future of his team in jeopardy.  No way.  I trust his thinking.
*Dexter is wrapping up and I can see the lead character dying, going to prison or faking his death.  In the case of his death, I can see his young son walking up to the kitchen counter, picking up a knife and looking at it as the screen fades to black.   Just a thought and quibble for you Dexter fans.  He can go to prison and that gives Showtime the ability to revisit him in a few years and show an older Dexter getting out of prison, weary and broken.   Set him up against a big bad and see if he kills again.   I am always fascinated with the way characters age and how their needs and passions live or die.  He can also die, which seems like the most fitting way since he has put plenty of people in the ground.   Good guy killer is still a killer.  Just my take.
Alright, I’m done.  Time to get out and run.  Day is too sweet to pass up.  Thanks for reading this.
-D. Buffa

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