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What’s ahead in this blog?

-Albert Pujols’ injury closing down his season is a good thing.
-Why Jake Peavy isn’t a good fit for Cards and how we can stand pat.
-The Cards player with biggest question mark?  David Freese.
-The bizarre absurd movie called Only God Forgives.
-And More..
Starting things up…bullet style.
  • Albert Pujols’ foot injury, caused by plantar faciitis, will put him out for the rest of the season.  We all know about AP’s miraculous healing efforts when he was in St. Louis but he is getting older now and may indeed be out until 2014.  For three months, the man cranked 17 HR, 64 RBI and hit .260 while standing on one leg.  It was painful to watch him take hacks and get overpowered by a fastball.  He was in pain but is one of the toughest bastards to play baseball and even took the dreaded DH spot to prove it.  However, he tore a muscle in his foot this past week, and that is exactly what is required for plantar fasciitis to heal.  Tear the muscle, alleviate pressure and REST.  I want nothing but the best for Pujols.  Love or hate his decision, but he gave our city 11 fantastic seasons that few STL athletes can claim and he went to a team that barely opposed the Cards.  I want him to dominate and be his old self.  In order for that to happen, he needs to sit.  
  • I don’t think the Cards need Jake Peavy.  Apparently, John Mozelaik agrees because Peavy cleaned out his locker today and is headed to Oakland(per reports).  Peavy is a nice talent and good addition for most teams but to give up Carlos Martinez or Kolton Wong(players that could be in Cardinal Red for a decade) would be foolish.  At this stage in his career, Peavy is a liability.  In 2008, this is a different conversation.  Now, he is an injury prone 15 million dollar arm that may not give a team more than 2 months of pitching before a body part breaks down.  He is a less tougher younger version of Chris Carpenter.  Alexei Ramirez isn’t worth the swap either, because he is an older player, can only hit better than Kozma but doesn’t play as good of defense.  Ramirez isn’t a horrible addition but only worth it for the right exchange.  
  • This is why I pride Mozelaik’s brain.  He doesn’t get fooled that often at the deadline.  He may bring in a shitty guy like Khalil Greene or Ty Wiggington in the offseason but he is aces at the deadline.  He brought in Edwin Jackson and Rzep, who helped us knock out the playoff opposition.  He got rid of Colby Rasmus.  He brought in Ryan Ludwick and traded him before his body gave up on him again.  He traded for the presumed nobody Edward Mujica last season, who is now 30-32 in saves in 2013.  Mozelaik knows that this team can stand pat on the young firepower that has got the team to this point and is capable of winning a World Series.  Young teams have done it before.  I have faith in Mo this week.
  • Chris Carpenter is as tough as they come.  Seriously, the man is made of many parts but his heart and soul is unbreakable.  He gave it a great shot.  He tried to come back.  If he shall decide to hang it up, nobody can fault his effort or drive.  He wants to be able to play with his kids in 10-20 years.  He wants to hoist his grandchildren one day.  This nerve issue could get a lot worse if he presses on and keeps throwing.  If that is the case medically, Carpenter needs to pay his dues and hang it up.  He had a helluva career, and one that was marked with improbability.  He came to St. Louis 10 years ago under a mystery label.  He won a Cy Young and won 2 rings.  The Cards may have given the Red Sox a fight in 2004 if Carpenter didn’t tear his triceps.  You never know with injuries.  I do know that Chris Carpenter is the best pitcher I’ve ever seen in person.  He is tough, efficient and the guy you always wanted on the mound.  What he did in the fall of 2006 and 2011 at the end of the season and in the postseason is the stuff of legend, especially 2 years ago when he outdueled Roy Halladay and gave everything he had against the Rangers.  Carpenter is true grit personified.  It may be time for him to hang it up.
  • Once again, David Freese needs to watch his back and play his best.  He is up for free agency and Kolten Wong needs a place to play soon.  Just saying.  IMOS may want to find a different face.
  • Only God Forgives was as brutal, disturbing, blunt, original and absurd as a movie can get.  It’s available on demand and on Itunes.  Japanese madness.  Ryan Gosling stars in it but even he looks misguided.  Definitely a DVD.
That’s it.  Short one this time.  Need to get out, grab the wife, get barbecue material and start grilling.  705 game time tonight on ESPN.  
Happy Sunday folks,

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