The Friday Spill

Ladies and gents,

We are gathered here today to discuss the common topics found in my realm of the blog.  I have been know to dive into sports, film, TV, a splash of music and almost anything in between.   It’s hard to stay unpredictable when you know what you do well.  Today, I take a look back at the Cards game from last night. Standard fare for the trained eye.

NLCS Recap-The Brewers aren’t going lightly.   They evened the series last night at 2 games by coming back from being down 2-0 to win the game 4-2 and set this series up for at least 6 games.  The Cards and Brewers have split the season/playoff series so far at 11-11, and the Brewers have outscored the Cards by only 2 runs at 90-88.    These two teams play hard fought baseball games and neither are going down easily.   A co-worker of mine told me the Cards could polish the Brewers off in 5 games and I laughed lightly and told him the 2011 Cards don’t do anything the easy way.   Everything this season has been bloody and stressful.   Talking about this team has to include pain medication or a stomach pump to recall past events.   Lets roll over some more details.

*The Wolf silenced us again.   Randy Wolf pitched 7 strong innings to reverse an early 2-0 deficit.   Wolf keeps the Cards off balance with his range of speeds on his curveball, fastball and changeup.   He beat the Cards for the 4th time in 2011 and its one of those matchups that’s always going to be a deficit.  Wolf is a pest to this team and there’s no way to explain it.   He makes the Cards extend their swings and widen their strike zone.   A week after Arizona kicked around Wolf, he walks into Busch and shuts down a hot offense.  You have to tip your cap to him while wishing him to fail.

*The Allen Craig for Lance Berkman move paid off.  Craig hit a solo home run and Berkman hit a single in the 9th to bring up the tying run.   Berkman comes back tonight to face Zach Greinke and Craig goes back to the bench.

*The Starters have to be blamed for their poor work in this series.  In 17.2 innings, the Cards rotation has allowed 13 runs and haven’t went past 5 innings of work.   This is a problem and if this trend continues, they won’t win this series.   You can only count on the bullpen for so long before they break.   The bullpen pitched great last night.  Mitchell Boggs allowed a go ahead single to Ryan Braun, but limited the damage.   Octavio Dotel and Arthur Rhodes followed suit and kept the game in hand.  Sooner or later, a Cards starter needs to deliver a big start.   It’s been a week since Carpenter pitched a complete game against the Phillies.

*Jaime Garcia goes for redemption tonight.   Garcia is coming off a rough game 1 start where he blew a 5-2 lead and only lasted 4 innings in a loss.   Garcia made game breaking pitches to Braun and Fielder.  He needs to redeem himself tonight.   Facing Greinke on the other side, if Garcia falters, this game is lost.

*The Starters have also been blowing leads this series.   Garcia blew 2 leads in Game 1, Carp flirted with it in Game 3 and Lohse blew a 2-0 lead last night.    Getting mad at Kyle Lohse is like getting mad at a retarded kid for screwing up the alphabet.  He isn’t a big game pitcher and not someone to lean on for a quality start on a big stage.  He is a good pitcher but he will have that one bad inning where you feel like disowning him.

*Ryan Theriot had a bad night.   He failed to get a runner in from third with one out and made a costly error in the 6th inning.  Theriot is a player you don’t get too excited about.

*The Cards situational hitting was horrible last night and continued a nasty trend from Wednesday’s game.  After scoring four in the 1st inning on Wednesday,  The Cards failed to produce with runners in scoring position and went 0-10 last night, including 2 instances where there was a runner on third base and only one out.  If you fail like that in a 2 run game, odds are a loss is going to be hitting the board. From the 2nd inning through the ninth inning last night, the Cards failed every single time they had a runner in scoring position.   How can this team win if we can’t pull through in the clutch?

*Watching this team do everything the hard way, you’d think they were paid to make it this interesting.    A torture test for fans that has been going on for 6 months.  It has nothing to do with talent and capability and everything to do with the competition put in front of you.    The Brewers are fighting to put an end to their playoff dismal record in the past decade.  The Cards are fighting to reclaim the order in the Central and play for a chance to go to the World Series.  Who else thinks it’s comical to see two teams from the NL Comedy Central fighting for a pennant?

*This series will go 7 games because these two teams are so evenly matched no team will get too far ahead. 

Other Material-

*The Rams will need a miracle to beat the 5-0 all mighty Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay Packers on Sunday at Lambeau Field.   A pure David VS. Goliath matchup that doesn’t look good at all for the Rams.    This is the game you go into thinking we will lose and hope for the best.   All we can hope for are the Rams to leave the field standing.   I am not shitting on my team here.  Just being honest.   It’s going to be a tough day at the office.  This is the game on the schedule with a large “L” next to it. 

*Blues fans, it’s going to be a long season.   In a similiar fashion to the Cards, The Blues are going to put us through the ringer this season.   Up and down, zig and zag play while being entertaining and contending for a spot.   The first three games have produced a win and two losses along with scary trends.   Goalie Jaroslav Halak is allowing 3 goals per game while facing less than 25 shots.  The entire team sleeps through the first periods.   The Blues are pounding the opposition with shots and have hung in their two losses.  Patrik Berglund, Jason Arnott and Jamie Langenbrunner have looked impressive so far along with Daggs.   It’s important to understand this team is going to frustrate us this season.   The result is undetermined but the effort will be there.  

*There’s a chance I make it to the movies this weekend.   Real Steel or Ides of March are the options.  A robot story with a father/son bond at the heart or a cold hearted morality play about losing your life to politics.   I’ll take my chances with Jackman or Clooney. 

*While being tough and active, Vinny is the cutest kid on the earth.   I didn’t look to the scorecards.   This is pure opinion.  He wins a ton of staring contests. 

*Music to Seek Out-The Black Keys early album, Rubber Factory.   Full blooded blues rock is good for the soul. 

Final Thought-If I was a car, I’d run on coffee.   No day is complete without it and there are some days I wonder what I would do without it.   Seriously, don’t underestimate the value of coffee.   Today, I spent 3 hours walking around like a zombie.   Then, all of a sudden, I found coffee and everything is better.  If I stayed in a hospital and they were willing, I’d get an IV of coffee.   If there is one thing that is required for me to be as sharp as I can be, it’s coffee.   Just a cup of morning joe.  My coffee of the moment is Gold Coast Blend from Starbucks, a rich bold flavor that stings the nostrils. 

Thanks for reading everybody and have a good weekend.  Do something nice and tell them I sent you.


Dan L. Buffa

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