Man vs Woman: Talking Cards Baseball

One man. One woman. Fierce opinions. Cardinals baseball. Coming at you with one click.


Whenever I climb onto the BlogTalk podcasting airwaves late at night, I like to bring some fine company. Worthy voice that can hopefully compel listeners to not close out the audio after four minutes of me. Last week, it was Florissant Strong Carly Schaber. This week, it’s the lovely and fierce Deana Stoker(@DizzyDean_17) from Texas.

Among the items discussed:

*The brutal loss to the Cubs and how it felt getting shut down by John Lackey

*How Mike Matheny can potentiall blow up this season

*Sticking with young struggling players like Kolten Wong

*How Deana and I came to be friends on Twitter

*What makes a good steak sizzle(just about kidding)

And other stuff. 30 minutes. Lot of Cards talk. Cursing. I say fuck a lot. As usual. It can go anywhere with me.

Listen in here.

Author: D. Buffa

A regular guy who feels a journalistic hunger to tell the news. I blog because its wired into my brain to write what I think in print. I offer an opinion. A solo tour here. Take regular stories and offer my spin on them. Sports, film, television, music, fatherhood, culture, food, and so on. Commentary on everything. A St. Louis native and Little Rock resident who wants to write just to keep the hands fresh and ready.

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