12 Foot BeardCast Interview: How I became a success without college

Back in October, I sat down with 12 Foot Beard, a whiskey company that also interviews the most interesting people in St. Louis on their podcast.

For some reason, they wanted to talk to me. Over 12 whiskey-related (may have lost count) drinks, I spoke about the following:

*My tattoos and their meaning

*How I got into writing and how I became successful without college

*Favorite movies

12 Foot Beard 13

*Stan Kroenke and the Rams

*The Cardinals obsession

*The Blues and Stanley

*My polarizing/rousing social media nature

12 Foot Beard 2

And a whole lot more. We dived into everything and anything, slurring as the clock reached an hour.

Quite honestly, this was the most fun I’ve ever had doing a podcast-and I have done many of them. Why? The bourbon certainly helped. It helps a lot of things. But this was a long form conversation that didn’t have limits, and that’s my speed. A personality can’t truly be unleashed on AM radio due to FCC regulations, and even on certain podcasts, there’s a stopping point where the interviewing party isn’t ready for your words or true opinions.

12 Foot Beard 17

The biggest problem with society and podcasts/radio is the places people don’t want to go. If we are going to learn more about each other, “too much information” shouldn’t really exist. If a chat moves to sexual natures or details and someone tunes out, they simply can’t handle the brutally honest nature. For example, I like big butts and curves on a woman, and will say that over and over again. Unfiltered was 12 Foot Beard’s name and game, and I dug that.

Big thanks to Kirsten Leimkuehler for reaching out to have me on. Shoutout to Gus Hattrich for putting the idea in her head. Steve John for the conversation. Dane Iwata for the pictures used in this post, and any other technical advisers on the show.

12 Foot Beard 14

The podcast is available wherever you consume podcasts: Spotify, ITunes, etc. Here’s a link that can take you there. Warning: It’s just about two hours long, so settle in.

I’ll say this. If you want to truly get to know me, like really understand who I am and why I do what I do, listen to this podcast.



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