Michael Wacha Audio Archives: 2017 spring training outlook

Back in the spring of 2017, I made these voice memos to attach to KSDK articles that I wrote. The belief was people liked to walk and listen instead of stopping to read. I did it for a few pieces and then stopped for some reason that I am not sure of. Sometimes, you start things and stop suddenly, missing a particular reason that drove the decision.

Maybe it had something to do with prepping a house for sale. Anyway, consider this a test to see if the audio attaches, sends, and can be listened to.

If it works, I may do more of these short memos, long interviews, and such.

With Michael Wacha being sidelined at the moment during a highly impressive season, I felt this would make for an interesting listen. As a baseball writer, you grow to understand that things change faster in this sport than any other. Takes run cold, get recycled, and are reloaded due to a player responding or sinking.

Thanks for reading and hopefully listening,


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