Man Vs. Woman: Kristi A Go Go talks Twitter and Cards

Once again, I was lucky enough to score a 30 minute Blog Talk Radio date with a fellow St. Louis Cardinals fan. Kristi Lynn joined the pod. A St. Louis local and diehard sports fan, Kristi talked about the highs and lows of sports discussion on twitter as well as a peek at the hometown baseball team’s early season troubles.

Need a taste of what she brings to the table. Check out these sample tweets.

“Going back to 1996 the Cardinals have had 3, yes 3, losing seasons (97, 99, 07). In 20 years that’s not too shabby.”

“Our sports teams win when I’m in attendance in April and May…Just saying Cards. I could help you out.”

“We’ve still yet to have the exact same lineup so far this season. Is that correct, my stats guys?”

“My headphone volume is now eardrum shattering loud and I can still hear those fucking kids.”

She’s blunt and I love her. People like Kristi are why you should join social media.

Until you take that step, click here for the podcast we recorded Sunday night.

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