Seeking A Friend At The End of The World: Unlikely gem

Seeking a Friend For the End of the World is a movie about love in the most unlikely place. A story for old school romantics who need a little hope given back to them is the idea here.  I am not spoiling anything to tell you at the heart of Lorene Scafaria’s tale lay a fearless romance. The good thing is, this is the anti-romantic comedy.   There are no happy endings predicted in the first 10 minutes at the end of this train ride.


Alfa Films

What is found here instead is a  useful insight into time wasted in a life, the power of forgiveness, the brightness of the world and the healing power of love.  Dodge is a man who finds out the world is ending right at the same moment his wife leaves him.  He has been left by many women, things, opportunities and has sacrificed    Dodge needs something and finds it in Penny, a fellow soul worth saving yet needing a sense of connection.

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley are perfect in their roles.   Think of a director giving the reins of the film to its two stars and you have this project.   The fate of the movie hinges on Carell and Knightley’s chemistry and they have it in spades, delivering every nuance needed to offset the feeling you are watching another end of day’s picture.  Knightley’s firecracker eyes, earnest spirit and optimism mix well with Carell’s sad eyed wisdom and it makes for a trip worth taking.  Two damaged souls with a little integrity searching for one last thing before they call it.

For a movie about the end of the world, this is as feel good as it gets.    In this movie’s case, the idea carries a touch of brilliance.  There’s greatness in this movie and it takes a viewer to dive in completely to get the full collision.   Everything about the movie is executed to perfection.  The story, acting and heavy dose of humor within the occasional sprinkle of doom drama and romantic spark.  The humor is dark enough to make us laugh and the drama is camouflaged enough inside of it to keep us from drowning in sappy melodrama.   Luke, Britton, Corddry, Petersen and Sheen round out a fine supporting cast, popping up to lend their own blends of polish and give the film an insightful intelligence.  However, this is Carell and Knightley’s movie.

Two faces who share nearly every scene of this movie and give us a reason to follow the doomed laughter and fatalistic drama to the end.  Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World is a perfect trip to the theater because it executes everything promised in the trailer and adds a little extra.  It’s a gem and I highly recommend it.


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