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Seeking A Friend At The End of The World: Unlikely gem

Seeking a Friend For the End of the World is a movie about love in the most unlikely place. A story for old school romantics who need a little hope given back to them is the idea here.  I am not spoiling anything to tell you at the heart of Lorene Scafaria’s tale lay a fearless romance. The good thing is, this is the anti-romantic comedy.   There are no happy endings predicted in the first 10 minutes at the end of this train ride.


Alfa Films

What is found here instead is a  useful insight into time wasted in a life, the power of forgiveness, the brightness of the world and the healing power of love.  Dodge is a man who finds out the world is ending right at the same moment his wife leaves him.  He has been left by many women, things, opportunities and has sacrificed    Dodge needs something and finds it in Penny, a fellow soul worth saving yet needing a sense of connection. (more…)