Cards fans & writer Andrew Weaver joins The Dose

Andrew Weaver joins Buffa for some blunt Cardinals baseball talk.


Another week and another random guest on the DOB podcast. This week, Andrew Weaver joined the pod to talk St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Weaver dished on how he came into the sport and fell in love with it. How his allegiance to the Texas Rangers switched after the 2011 World Series to the Cards and why he hasn’t turned back.

Among the topics discussed:

*Should fans really be worried about Adam Wainwright? He had another rough outing.

*Can fans trust the breakout of Aledmys Diaz?

*Should fans get the head of Mike Matheny and John Mabry on a stick?

*Are graham crackers really good?(Not kidding)

There’s more where that dialogue came from. Here’s a taste of what Weaver has to offer on Twitter:

And this:

You can follow Andrew right here.

Coming soon(possibly). DOB on Itunes! Submitted and we shall see. Once they realize this is a halfass unprofessional podcast, they will deny me but one can hope.

I want to have more random guests on. Broaden it up. Hope you are liking the guest list.

Dose of Buffa 2



Author: D. Buffa

A regular guy who feels a journalistic hunger to tell the news. I blog because its wired into my brain to write what I think in print. I offer an opinion. A solo tour here. Take regular stories and offer my spin on them. Sports, film, television, music, fatherhood, culture, food, and so on. Commentary on everything. A St. Louis native and Little Rock resident who wants to write just to keep the hands fresh and ready.

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