‘Fist Fight’ should be sent to the office

Welcome to the movie where even the gag reel at the end isn’t remotely funny.

“Fist Fight” isn’t a film you pay to see in theaters, it’s a film you see for free at a theater because your friend works there. I’ll be honest with you about this movie. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not worth the twenty dollars you’ll pay for you and yours to see. Save that money for a good meal or other cinematic adventure.

Director Richie Keen’s first cinematic adventure doesn’t show you anything new or make you laugh out loud. There will be a few giggles and smiles, but this “comedy” doesn’t get you falling out of your seat laughing. The production value equals that of a television show, and that makes sense. Keen has directed a high volume of television, and perhaps that’s where his ceiling exists.

I’d recommend an episode of HBO’s highly enjoyable and fulfilling “Vice Principals” series instead of 90 minutes of this garbage.

Charlie Day(who worked with Keen on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) and Ice Cube are teachers at a failing school. The school has a fancy coffee maker, but the books aren’t updated and a DVD player is too pricey. The kids run the school, which is evident in an over the top last day of school prank-fest. Day is the weasely, push-over teacher and Cube is the opposite; feeble against the hot-headed. Blah. Jillian Day is the dirty-minded guidance counselor, Tracy Morgan is the wise-cracking gym teacher, Dean Norris the over-cooked principal, and Christina Hendricks is the beautiful but secretly violent teacher. Snooze inducing.

“Fist Fight” tries to make up for a lackluster premise and story/script(which has five total bodies attached to it) with profanity-laced humor and gag jokes. The attempt fails, and the recovery process isn’t pretty. “Vice Principals” leans into that approach, and succeeds wildly without looking like a sprinter on a slow moving treadmill.

Day’s Andy Campbell has a family that is depending on him, and Cube’s Strickland has a number of alleged pasts before his teacher days. A series of events pits them against each other, and it all leads to a fight after school. To be fair, the fight is actually the best part of the movie, and has its moments. It’s still not enough to pick up a worthless movie and tired premise. Two oddballs fight, learn a lesson, and rise up….wait, I’m getting tired again.

Skip “Fist Fight” in theaters. This is the movie you stumble into your friend’s house and watch only because he or she is making pulled pork nachos. Your stomach will be satisfied even if your cinematic thirst will be left un-quenched.

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