‘Fist Fight’ should be sent to the office

If this movie is labeled comedy, they guessed wrong.


Welcome to the movie where even the gag reel at the end isn’t remotely funny.

“Fist Fight” isn’t a film you pay to see in theaters, it’s a film you see for free at a theater because your friend works there. I’ll be honest with you about this movie. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not worth the twenty dollars you’ll pay for you and yours to see. Save that money for a good meal or other cinematic adventure.

Director Richie Keen’s first cinematic adventure doesn’t show you anything new or make you laugh out loud. There will be a few giggles and smiles, but this “comedy” doesn’t get you falling out of your seat laughing. The production value equals that of a television show, and that makes sense. Keen has directed a high volume of television, and perhaps that’s where his ceiling exists.

I’d recommend an episode of HBO’s highly enjoyable and fulfilling “Vice Principals” series instead of 90 minutes of this garbage. Continue reading “‘Fist Fight’ should be sent to the office”