Interview: ‘Wheelman’ writer/director Jeremy Rush

With Netflix’s Wheelman, writer/director Jeremy Rush set out to make something different. Working with a simple setup (getaway driver gets sabotaged, spends entire night figuring out who wronged him), a first rate leading man in Frank Grillo and dynamite producer (Joe Carnahan, launching War Party with Grillo), Rush tricked out the action thriller genre entry … More Interview: ‘Wheelman’ writer/director Jeremy Rush

Here’s What I Know, Volume #12: Soccer, NFL-less, and Harvey filth

Live from Courtesy Diner on Kingshighway after a seven hour Uber shift, let’s talk. ~How about that USA soccer team?  Disclaimer: I care as much about soccer as I do the safe passage of decaf coffee towards my table. Fine sport and all, but there’s only so much time in the world to play with, … More Here’s What I Know, Volume #12: Soccer, NFL-less, and Harvey filth

‘Kingdom’ delivers soulful season finale 

“You ride like lightning and you’ll crash like thunder.” Ding ding! Kingdom on Audience viewers and addicts, take your corners! The Season 2B finale packed a punch and left viewers floored at the physical entertainment and the drama that lingered afterwards. It was never about the rematch in the first place. In a classic twist … More ‘Kingdom’ delivers soulful season finale