We Are Live and Carolla: Good Radio Meets Hard Work

Hard work leads to good things, right?

The old adage is that if you stick your feet in the ground and take a true shot at something, goals can be attained. Or so people said as I was growing up, reading and writing whatever sports and film commentary I could get my hands on. When I started this thing five years ago, I wanted to get my voice out to the masses or the 10-15 people who actually read this blog. A way to calm the noise in the head or the need to impose my will. So when I see a couple hard driving scrappers like Chris Denman and Travis Terrell take an evening radio show and turn it into a date on a stage with Adam Carolla, I salute them.

Denman and Terrell are the epitome of hard work and passion. A little while ago, they wanted to start a podcast and much to their luck and timing, Tim McKernan at Inside STL threw them the evening slot on CBS 920 AM. They didn’t waste their chance and turned it into a show that touches on a number of topics. They can go from Donald Trump blasting to Gas Pump Confessions to MMA to Movies and then take a U-Turn to sports. It’s a truly unique show where nothing is out of bounds. Listeners get a variety and it’s not called 106.5.

Add in the lovely, beautiful and ferocious Katie Kay Dallman and you have a fucking Tripod of Ferocity! These days, there are a ton of podcasts out there. Thousands of radio shows. Opinions grow like weeds on a farm and flow through a city like bud light at The Scottrade Center or the world pillars out of a football coach’s mouth. Denman and Terrell offer unique opinions and a voice that isn’t censored. Who wants to hear a half chop of a thought? Nobody is the damn answer.

Dallman doesn’t like praise being directed her way so she will not like this, but she adds a signature blend to this group. You’ll never hear any live broadcast show or TV Show scream, “No we don’t want a beautiful opinionated lady on this show!” and for good reason. Think about a stout being given a twist of a hoppy lager. A shot of whiskey being stacked with an extra two fingers of Makers Mark. Dallman isn’t here every day but when she is, the show kicks up a notch.

On January 12th, I got a Facebook message from Denman aka the Wolf of Wash. The Rams had just officially departed St. Louis for LA and everybody in print and radio wanted to treat their wounds and hold off the salt. I was floored. This was CBS Radio. Not some barely known radio show where my voice is kept in a locked box. I said yes before I thought about what my son was doing in the other room(he wasn’t cooking or drinking beer). I came on, talked Rams, talked St. Louis and some other things. I was on a few times after that. On March 11th, I sat in studio for an entire show, drank a pot of coffee and spun a number of takes that ranged from David Freese, Donald Trump, Cards, Blues and movies.

I had a blast. The best night I’ve spent in my hometown in a long time. I only get back to St. Louis a few times a year so my time has to resemble money but I left thinking I wanted to do this. It was because Chris reached out a couple months before and asked me to come on and dish. Sharing the room with fellow hard working people who gave a shit.

Chris, Travis and Katie all have day jobs. They don’t sit around wondering about their punch lines for that night. They bust ass, work hard, and come to the evening show to unwind. It may sound like a gig, but it’s different. Every show these guys do is a push towards something greater. More listeners, a website, a different studio and maybe something even bigger(Kim Kardashian isn’t invited).

On Saturday, Chris and Travis get to share the stage with Adam Carolla at the Pageant when the comedy stud comes to town. They will be doing a live podcast with Carolla and be a part of his bits and show. Carolla is Denman’s hero and another guy who worked real hard to get to where he is. There are three comedians for every writer and podcast dreamer, so Carolla had to be distinct and he was. He started his podcast years ago so he recognizes the struggle involved. These guys are living proof that dreams aren’t bullshit if they have a little effort.

Go out to the Pageant and support the We Are Live crew. At least talk about it. Spread the word. Chris and Travis weren’t handed anything. They earned it. All the way.

Listen to them on CBS 920 AM/105.7 HD 2 on Monday 7-8pm and Tuesday-Friday from 7-10 pm. You won’t be disappointed. Occasionally,  you might even hear me.

PC: Adam Bertel Creative

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