The Dose Dispatch: In case you missed me this month

There are times where I wonder if my Dose of Buffa email subscriber list sits around and wonders what the hell happened to my posts here, and then I remember that’s just a dream in my head. The last post clearly stated the switch, but there’s still a desire to keep the dust off an old beauty.

Whether or not you’ve looked or didn’t see the pinned post about content moving elsewhere, let this be a refresher for where you can find me these days.

While the Ramble On with Buffa Substack newsletter is where it’s all at, there are a few other spots that I pop up, vocally and then visually. Let the latest edition of the Dose Dispatch begin.

~NATIONAL NEWS ALERT! Being interviewed on ABC News can be checked off the goal list. I was interviewed a few weeks ago about tipping etiquette and culture in a post-pandemic world with rideshare, restaurant, and even Starbucks tipping. Look for me at the 6 minute mark of this video.

~AMC Theaters charging more (and less) for certain theater seats. I spoke with FM News Talk 97.1 host Mark Reardon about the new change in movie theater pricing. Listen to the segment here.

~Remembering the late Tim McCarver. “I can’t believe they’re playing the outfielders so far back, Joe.”

~VIDEO Movie Review lovers: Feast your eyes on my head talking about Gerald Butler’s new film, PLANE, for ten minutes. A new feature I am going to enliven at Substack.

Watch here:

~Tweet of the Week for obvious reasons:

That thing they call happily ever after is quite possible. On May 6, our relationship will be old enough to drink. Find someone who puts up with you, while allowing you to be yourself.

Speaking of Elon Land, the overwhelmed Twitter czar made one more decent push of old users towards the cliff of no return by making two-step authentication, a standard security measure that users have enjoyed for years, only available for Twitter Blue subscribers. My verified checkmark is a legacy edition, meaning it could be notable. Mark my words: I will never pay for Twitter.

Before I go, here’s one more link to the Ramble On newsletter. That’s where the goods are currently located. Check it out, subscribe, and maybe tell a friend. Otherwise, have a good Sunday Funday. Do something you’ll remember fondly tomorrow.

Peace out, friends.

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