PSA: Dose of Buffa content is moving to the Ramble On newsletter!

As Frank Drebin once told his partner, “it’s not goodbye, Ed. It’s just I’ll never see you again.”

12 years after its launch, the Dose of Buffa website will be taking a nap. How long of a nap depends on how many subscribers here travel over to my Ramble On with Buffa newsletter on Substack. The website will not disappear. All 1,505 posts will still live here tomorrow, and next month.

Why move? Well, why do anything in life? After spreading my content across the internet like Johnny Cash traveled, it’s time to put it all in one spot. Change can be good, and bring some order.

The Substack newsletter hit the 200 subscriber mark a little over a year after launching, so there’s success there. And, there’s paid content on that site that I can make money from. If you’re good at something and giving it all away for free, there’s a quiet grift taking place. Good writing should be a destination, not a free paint sample at Home Depot.

On occasional, I will drop links here just to keep my DOB fanbase full of the meat and potatoes content. But 250 posts into Ramble On, it’s time to stop driving two speed trains. Keep an eye on my YouTube page for video posts; that is if you want to actually see my face. Movie, sports, and everything in between will post over at ROWB.

I can’t thank you enough for reading all of these wayward soul ramblings. Starting with a white hot Colby Rasmus/Cards take back in July of 2011 and ending with a review of the “Knives Out” sequel, I piled on over 500 movies reviews, thousands of sports takes, random thoughts, and 100% of me. As Phil Stutz said, writing can be a simple form of reflecting upon yourself, like holding a mirror up and checking on yourself and the thoughts tumbling around the brain.

It’s an addiction I have, along with fitness. It’s not a “look at me, fancy writer and fitness man” type of proclamation; more like someone who has a need to impose his will. That will never stop until I drop. For the time being, those words will live over at the Ramble. Sign up, subscribe, carry on, and be good.

As Brian Regan said, take luck unless you have good luck, which in fact should be taken right away.

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