The Dose Dispatch: In case you missed me this month

Hello… can you hear me?

It’s only been about a month and half since I last published here. Blame Substack, KSDK, STL Jewish Light, and whoever else is on my current roster of writer locations. You either need Muck Rack or a versatile guide to collect all my cyber footprints, and for that I do not apologize. It’s a dog eats dog world out there for creatives, and getting paid on time remains an optical illusion.

With that in mind, let’s kick the dust off the place here with a fresh Dose Dispatch: Where you can read, hear, and see my semi-decent face. The greatest hits from the month that I turned 40, and also the shortest month of the year: February, 2022.

Picking a song to define your life, raving about “Reacher,” and a rant about my favorite place to get a burger in St. Louis:

“Hi-Pointe Drive-In has such a tasty burger. I don’t mess with the mighty Taco Burger or Cowboy Burger. I just get a double cheeseburger (gouda) with the works (lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion) and fries. Classic, nothing extra. Save the bacon and special sauce. Let’s dip the sides in that and dice up the bacon over the fries. The burger doesn’t need too many friends. It’s not a Tarantino film; more like a Schwarzenegger party. The Kirkwood location is excellent. Watching people park is entertaining while the food cooks.”

Bob Saget’s close friends and family threw him a special Shiva. 

Cardinals slugger Tyler O’Neill’s chances of repeating his 2021 performance are better than you think. 

“Steamers on Fangraphs, one of the better season predictors, seems to think so. They have O’Neill bashing 37 home runs and compiling a 3.3 fWAR this season in 146 games, with a .494 SLUG. The batting average is only at .251, a clear sign of the inflated BABIP I addressed earlier in the article—but is anyone really leaning on BA these days? Nah. While those projections wouldn’t exactly be outstanding, it’s still an exciting projection from a famously pessimistic prognosticator.”

It’s not every month you get to interview both Channing Tatum and Liam Neeson, but I did. Watch it here.

Ivan Reitman died this past month. I wrote about his legacy as a filmmaker who created fun at the movies.

I tore the new Foo Fighters movie to shreds on the radio, and spoke with my radio pals about what else to watch. 

Before Jordan Binnington found his way back a little this past week, I wrote about why fans need to resist giving up on a guy who is merely having a rough season.

“Confidence and mental toughness usually run hand in hand, but they can not get along on occasion. Did Binnington collect too much confidence and allow his mental toughness to spin out? Did the big contract take the foot off the gas a bit? It’s only natural for a human being. Remember, high paid or not, that’s all these guys are: Human. For a team that likes to lighten up after a comfy lead or against a lowly opponent, it could just be second nature for #50 to lose that edge.”

There’s absolutely NO REASON to make the Oscars more accessible or popular. They are what they are.

“The people who decide not to watch the Oscars shouldn’t get to decide what kind of show that the real movie lovers get to have–much less, determine which nominees get their moment in the sun. That’s a sure sign for even worse ratings and more bad press.”

See you next time.

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