The Dose Dispatch: In case you missed me this week

Hello there, folks. It’s been a minute.

Yes, it’s true that I took my talents to Substack last week in a move that surprised absolutely no one. In the land of commentary and internet writing, paywalls are the future and I joined the Dark Side. As Heath Ledger’s The Joker said, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

But, every Sunday, I will bring the links for you to explore. Some of them will have a paywall/please subscribe block, but hopefully I climb over that anger wall of yours sooner rather than later.

You’ll find stories from all around the internet. In case you’ve been under a rock since Feb. 2021, I now write for a Jewish website. This year, I write for a few Jewish websites. But there’s still movie takes and commentary over at KSDK News, and my face is plastered on Fox 2’s Studio STL. You can hear my voice on 97.1 FM News Talk radio in St. Louis every Friday at 4:25 pm, and those links will go here too.

So, without much further bullshitting, let’s get to the links, starting with the new Ramble On newsletter.

On why I fell in love with Harrison Bader last season. 

“Bader improved drastically against right-handed pitching in 2021. For his career, in 392 games facing righties, he had a .705 OPS. Last year, it was .789, including 12 of his 16 home runs. Oh wait, a defensively polished CF cranking 16 HR as well… whoa! Bader can pummel southpaws, but he’s getting better against RHP.”

How Dylan Carlson’s sleeper first season flew under the radar and completed the Cardinals outfield

Bob Saget died unexpectedly, way too soon. I wrote about his legacy.

“He was the perfect specimen. The everyman on shows like “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” showcasing the impracticality of human nature. The raunchy older guy who could hang with the young guns. His uncomfortable bro hug with Adrien Grenier’s Vincent Chase on the HBO series still collects giggles.”

I joined Mark Reardon and company on FM News Talk to review a couple new flicks. Here’s the chat.

In my eighth appearance on Fox 2’s Studio STL, Chelsea Haynes wanted to know how scared she’d be of the new “Scream” movie.

Surprisingly, the new “Scream movie didn’t suck. 

“All one is asking honestly from one of these genre offerings is to see the good die young in blood-drunk horror fashion with a reasonable payoff. You don’t half-swing an attempt at a “Scream” revival 25 years later, and thankfully that didn’t occur here. Going in with modest expectations, I left with a smile and a little blood on my hands.”

Jon Lester earned a rival’s respect before finishing in red

The new “Ray Donovan” movie was great. Oh, and Liev Schreiber is Jewish so cha-ching!

The universal DH is nearly a certainty for the 2022 season. What’s my take? 

Four years ago, Yadier Molina told the media that the 2020 season would be his last. It wasn’t, but I didn’t mind.

My review of Joel Coen’s “The Tragedy of Macbeth” for TC Jewfolk.

And that’s all there is. All the digital news fit to publish, ladies and gents. See you next week. Until then, don’t take no shit!

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