Why we need a lot more souls around here like Lux, St. Louis’ genuine article

Genuine people are the the best people.

There’s no screen door or sliding glass bullshit separating that person’s actual self from what they decide to show the world. While I have no problem with the folks who install a higher privacy fence around their lives–the ones who let people, even strangers they may never meet, into their lives gets more admiration from me. It takes courage to let people in.

I don’t think a soul does that more than Lux, a local DJ in St. Louis. Every weekday from 2-5 pm, Lux rocks the tunes for 105.7 FM, a kickass rock and alternative radio station in the Lou. But she doesn’t just greet the listeners and do contests while riffing on a love from music from behind a microphone. I mean, she does all of that and then some for the station, a place she has been at for quite some time (“Greys Anatomy” type long).

But what sets Lux apart is her personality, something she unleashes on the airwaves as well as social media. While her Facebook and Twitter accounts thrive in their own right, it’s Instagram that truly showcases her talents. With this lady, talent takes on about ten different names. Whether it’s her dancing in a winter onesie on top of a building on a particularly warm December afternoon or rapping on about a song from the studio, she brings something unique to the table.

But her posts always carry a high dosage of spontaneity-such as a dance in her living room, or a groovy usage of IG’s tech toys by switching into a new outfit inside a second. One of the earliest posts that I had to watch twice because it was so good was a dance she did in the hallway of the studio. It came off as Lux coming to a break on the radio and just saying, “fuck it, let’s dance!” And she dances very well, truly going for it.

Lux also gives a shit about people. She has frequently endorsed movements that support the sanctity of body image. A recent post from Jonah Hill shared on her account sparked an article. Lux also supports mental health and endorses the “medication” that every grown human being should enjoy. She spreads the love around and has nothing to hide. She’s trying to warm the world up, not necessarily change it. Once again, the genuine article.

I wish we had more like her around. If so, the world would be much warmer and spontaneous, and include a higher number of good dancers. She is proof that social media can not only introduce a person to someone ANYWHERE in the world, but make it seem like she is your very cool neighbor. If we had about 10(0) more Luxs, 2022 may stand a chance. It’s not hero work. She just wants to make you smile and get you thinking about a few important things taking place in the world around you.

Fun Fact: A lot of her posts and stories include her adorable dog. That is what we call cool person brownie points. More animal pics are going to be needed if we are going to climb over this giant anger wall COVID-19 has served the world.

Thank you, Lux. A lady who loves concerts and the people who fill them up with stories from their life, and also one who treats any place she is at like her own little concert. IG is essentially her eternal Riverport. And yes, it will always be Riverport to me, not Taco Bell Pavilion.

If you aren’t following Lux on every social channel, get moving. But if you are choosing one, go with @luxstlou on Instagram.

By now, you get the POINT. Follow Lux and be more like Lux. Goodnight.

3 thoughts on “Why we need a lot more souls around here like Lux, St. Louis’ genuine article

    1. Tears of joy, I hope. I just thought my following, and whoever else I could pull in, should know about you. And the fact that you have some haters on your thread at times just pissed me off. Positivity shouldn’t be shot down out of the sky, like ever.

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