Why the “new year, new me” saying is complete bullshit

The biggest trick whoever designed this world we live in came up with was convincing people that the first day of the year disassociated itself from the past 365 days. That’s not how it works, and we’ve seen it every year on social media or somewhere. Allow this semi-professional writer to break down for you what I am talking about:

“I’m going to get into the gym and make it last!” That could have happened on Dec. 31. 

“I’m going on a diet and this time it’s going to stick!” That could have happened on Dec. 30. 

“I will no longer be an asshole to people.” That should have happened on Dec. 30 of the previous year. 

Making Jan. 1 a big deal is like a young boyfriend making Valentine’s Day a big day for his girlfriend. The right move is to buy her a gift and flowers on just a random day–which is similar to making big decisions on random days as well. Someone should decide to be nice to people without the help of a fucking calendar. If you want to really impress your man or woman, surprise them in two weeks with a gift.

There’s nothing special about New Year’s Day. Not really. It’s just another day to be hung over or start anew. The world doesn’t change a bit from 2021 to 2022. The rules don’t change. The streets remain the same and the goal remains exactly the same: be good, do good, and try to promote good in others. Attaching that to Jan. 1 is hokey and resembles a crutch. Ladies and gents, we already have too many crutches in our lives bolting us to the floor. Don’t add another.

Instead, follow my friend Eric Nemen’s advice about the proper way to approach the first day of the year: It’s just another day.

“It seems this year more than ever, there is talk of the new year bringing a “clean slate.” That’s not how it works,” Nemens wrote on Facebook. “We woke up with the same challenges and triumphs we went to bed with on Friday night. Really difficult things have happened to all of us over the last few years. The fact that they fall between certain dates on the calendar is arbitrary.”

Write all that down and memorize it. Do it before the second cup of coffee is poured, before the cream cheese is spread across the bagel, and before the orange juice is poured.
What we decide, or not decide, to do with our time here has little to do with calendars outside of budgets, labeling journals, and sports schedules. “Clean slates” don’t just happen. They are earned first. A calendar flip doesn’t trigger that though.
Hard work does. Compassion does. Consistency does. Discipline–the hardest one–is a true sign of working towards a clean slate.
Before I go, think about this. Did your debt clear overnight? No. Did your house, spouse, kids, pets, or anything else change overnight? No. Did your leaves get picked up? Haha, it’s all the same.
Instead of barking about clean slates, start it whenever and watch it roll into 2022 without the need for a declaration.

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