Bob Odenkirk tweets appreciation to his fans on Twitter, says he’ll be back to ‘Saul’ soon

We need movies and television shows more than we need them.

No, they don’t check ill patients into a hospital, protect our streets, or fix the wounded on the surgical table at odd hours of the night. But they give those who deal with the wicked some respite at the end of the day. Proof: I think the world thinks very highly of Bob Odenkirk. If you did one of those new fashioned polls on Twitter, a good bet would be that 98% of human beings love the actor–who is best known for playing the notoriously slippery yet skilled lawyer, Saul Goodman, on Vince Gilligan’s world of anti-heroes: “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” among them.

It was Twitter where Odenkirk took today to calm the overworked hearts of his fans everywhere, three days after collapsing on the set of “Saul,” which is a little more than halfway through the filming of its sixth season. The toughest part was the wait. When a celebrity hits the deck and you don’t get an update, sometimes that can mean things took a turn for the worse-or the kind of bad zone.

But in most cases, it’s just the doctors and nurses behind the scenes saving the day and publicists doing their best to lock down the hospital for unfit rumors slipping out too. At the end of the day, it’s a life or death matter–and Odenkirk’s fans aren’t the most important people in his life. Obviously.

But damn it was good news to receive. Wednesday afternoon, it was a relative-not The Hollywood Reporter or Variety-that calmed the fears by simply tweeting, without using the actor’s name, that he was going to be okay. He was. Odenkirk included in the second tweet on his thread that it was a small heart attack whose fix didn’t include surgery. That means the recovery time, aka for diehard “Saul” lovers, will be a shorter period of time. As he puts it, taking a beat and resting is the idea now.

Let’s be honest. We take actors for granted. When they run into a health scare or something terrible happens, it’s shocking to us for some reason–even if good people die every single day. The celebs, subconsciously at the very least, appear to us as above the law when it comes to getting hurt and passing away too soon. Let me state the “No Shit” obvious bulletin: they’re just like us. Human as the guy on the corner asking for change–albeit in better shape.

Here’s the thing. If you were on social media, the outpouring of love was legit. You would have thought Oprah was in the hospital. Take that as no smack to Odenkirk or anyone showing the love. Keep doing it. The man is human after he takes off the “Saul” suit and tie. He wants to get home to his wife and kids at the end of the day just like all of us.

And please save the “he’s only an actor” bullshit line. Let’s not question or audit where our love comes from these days; the more, the merrier.

I’m glad Bob’s okay. I need a “Nobody” sequel. Selfish, I know. But then again, actors are important.

Photo Credit: AMC

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