What Sinclair Broadcasting is doing to St. Louis sports fans is a heinous crime of greed

I have a bone to pick with Sinclair Broadcasting, the media giant that controls who gets to see St. Louis Cardinals and Blues games in the region. Well, let’s start with a question, swift and blunt:

How much money is enough money for you cozy little souls to sleep at night?

YoutubeTV and Hulu Live pulled their FSMW coverage late last year. There are talks of an app that could make everything easier, or possibly an agreement. The Blues are already a few games into a season that started three months late to begin with. According to Rob Manfred, the upcoming baseball season will begin on time and include 162 games. Will fans have a place to watch?

Please don’t let anyone kid you about why Sinclair is doing this or make a case for them. If they do, politely tell them to go count squares on a nearby wall and report back at you at a later date that you will never inform them of. This is heinous greed at its worst, keeping games from fans who just want to come home, put their feet up, and get lost in their sport for a couple hours.

Due to the change, my parents had to purchase a two-year contract from AT&T, who still televises the games along with DirecTV (who I am still trying to find a way to forgive for canceling “Kingdom”). All of this mess will be sorted out by then, but due to a high level of careless greed, my folks had to spend A LOT more just to get one channel. How sick is that?

I won’t purchase AT&T or DirecTV. No thanks. I won’t buckle for millionaire greed. Screw them. I will wait. Last time I checked, Chris Kerber and Joey Vitale call a great hockey game on 101.1 ESPN radio, and meaningful baseball games are at least (I don’t think the season starts on time) over two months away.

What is Sinclair trying to force me to do? Tell my wife that we are going to pay an extra sum of money for games, changing our bill structure and raising our already high cable TV bill (life of an entertainment writer and film critic)? She loves YouTubeTV and will not drop them due to Sinclair’s weak tactics. App or not, they can come to the table, and offer to make a deal. It’ll be an historical moment when rich people think about blue collar people, TRULY, just one time. Wild theory!

I told my dad to hold out and see if Sinclair comes to their senses. NBC Sports will carry ten of the 56 regular season games, and the postseason games will be broadcast on either NBC Sports or NHL Network. But news broke today that that safety net could be gone next year.

What are you going to do? Tell me in the comments section here. Let me know what you’re doing.

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