Fox Sports Midwest gets new look and new name, but Sinclair Broadcasting continues to leave sports fans in the cold

How we doing? It’s Saturday, the sun is shining-at least here in St. Louis, Missouri-and the grass is getting greener by the day. It’s a great time to be alive, twice over after the year we just had. Baseball is days away instead of a week, and hockey is rounding second base itself towards an eventual playoff clash of the titans between familiar faces and fresher ones.

Are you ready, Blues fans, to possibly see Stan Kroenke lift the Cup in Colorado this spring? It’s not outside the realm of definite possibility, so start emotionally preparing yourself. Oh, did you forget about Ryan Reaves? He could do it in Vegas, and the currently-injured Alex Pietrangelo may help him drink from Lord Stanley. Okay, I’ll pull the knife out and start stitching this conversation up. The Blues are playing like dogshit. Watching the games is painful, but why is it still so hard for St. Louis sports fans to watch their team right now?!

It’s still real hard out there to find a Cards or Blues game due to Sinclair Broadcasting enjoying its holdout special. And no, I don’t find that YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, and Dish should all have to adjust their own demands. That’s a large group on one side saying “no way,” and the media giant just sitting on its hands. I am not seeing enough coverage of it out there, and don’t take that as a shot at local reporters. Ben Hochman of the St. Louis Post Dispatch threw a good uppercut at the situation here. There needs to be a post or article per day. Sinclair announced it was delaying the stand-alone streaming app for its Bally Sports Midwest to 2022. So, go ahead and scratch off this season for a rescue. All this bs started back in May, 2019 when Disney bought out Fox and Sinclair purchased a number of their regional sports assets. What a great day that was, right? It was shit.

No, the new name and look change won’t suddenly make it all good and everybody whole this spring or summer. If you can’t get it now, you won’t get it after BS Midwest takes over. This whole ordeal is some real baby back bullshit. How many families are being disconnected from their favorite teams due to this? Here are some voices.

We’ve even gotten to fart smoke sucked out of buttholes around these parts. Try reading the end of this tweet and not laugh your ass off while nodding in righteous agreement. It’s impossible!

Let’s check in with fans in Charlotte:

Landon Barks brings up a good point about the actual Blues and Cardinal organizations stepping in, or about the fact they haven’t yet.

Now, we all know the easy answer to that question. The Cards and Blues are receiving paychecks and have a business relationship built with Sinclair/FSMW. Why would they bite the hand that does help feed them? They’re not going to rock that boat. But it would be hopeful to see a player or two step out and demand that fans all around can watch them play. Isn’t that how the checks are cashed in this business? Fans watching and then deciding to outfit their entire family in clothing and merchandise. Sinclair is going to lose a lot of potential nailed-shut subscriptions by prolonging this holdout.

Put yourself in a blue collar situation. You’ve enjoyed the Cards on YouTube TV or Hulu for a couple years, and then it’s just not there one night at puck-drop. The first pitch is only available if you sign a two-year contract with DirecTV or AT&T, which will burn a nice big hole in your bank account. Slowly but surely, they will raise the monthly price of your fee. My parents had to purchase a similar deal recently when Hulu lost access to Blues games. Some don’t have the means to make that adjustment, though.

Will 2021 further disconnect thousands of working class families from viewing Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey? When will Sinclair Broadcasting care more about people finding their product than inflating their own ego?

Tick tock, Sinclair.

One thought on “Fox Sports Midwest gets new look and new name, but Sinclair Broadcasting continues to leave sports fans in the cold

  1. They can kiss my rosy red asshole. I will listen on the radio but not watch a single game involving Sinclair and FSMW which they could give a shit about. Fuck em!

    Carlin Dead but not layin down for bullies and profiteers


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