6 Worthy Conversations: Elections, being harsh on the Cards, and the documentary to watch

Hello there. Here’s 15 minutes of my time. What it means for you on the reading side, I have little clue. Call it a small coffee with Princeton Heights. Let’s start moving. The fastest 6 Worthy Conversations piece ever written!

The Big Dive!

A few words about the election. I voted today. Who? I voted for Joe Biden, but not just him. I voted for Biden and Kamala Harris. There it is. Boom! Take it or leave it, I am not moving. I voted for equality, a brighter future, and a moderate dose of hope. I voted for who I wanted to. I am not you. You are not me. But here’s the thing: both are us will be needed if we are going to make the next four years worth it. Have one mind about your votes, but never forget who you are voting for. That’s you, me, and her. Let’s go. As Joe Carnahan said today, “vote motherfuckers!”

Five Other Things, short and sweet:

~While I was off 590 The Fan airwaves this Tuesday, I found myself on Mark Reardon’s KMOX show, and he had a bone to pick. It surrounded my harsh outlook on the Cardinals. It’s simple. They need to fix their bad contracts, ill-advised misses, and increasingly boring offensive attack. They won’t win shit that way. They got to the NLCS in 2019, though? Yeah, and they were embarrassingly swept. It’s okay to want more! If not, nothing changes. Wait, am I talking about baseball or the election?

~If you let Kolten Wong walk and intend to allow Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina to attend free agency, please put that money into George Springer. He’s a leadoff hitter and has pop. True pop, not Busch Stadium-limited pop. Make it count, Birds.

~Support a local fucking restaurant! Pick one. Any one. Their food is delicious. Yeah, go order now.  Put that jar of Kraft Mac down.

~Documentary to Watch: “Athlete A” on Netflix. Remember Larry Nassar? He was a DNA regret who abused hundreds of female athletes as the USA Gymnastics team doctor. That’s not the worst part. The committee that oversaw him and his job title didn’t do anything about it when notified. They waited 15 months. They are as guilty as Larry. Watch the doc and then we’ll talk.

~Shrimp Etouffee could cure a lot of bad moods. I’ll just state that for the record and drop the mic!

And that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed this on-the-move edition of “6 Worthy Conversations.” Until next time, stay sane.


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