The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #63: ‘The Lovebirds’ fizzles, but ‘Mad Men’ still sizzles

Every week on The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon, there are movies and television shows discussed. Brought to the forefront of topical conversation, it’s a go for launch or stay away order.

Sometimes, I tell you to stay home instead of go to a theater, even if that was extinguished over two months ago. Now, it’s informing you which shows and movies at home should get your hours and attention.

This week, I told you to avoid a movie and welcome back an old series favorite. “The Lovebirds,” starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae, was guilty pleasure tease, taking an old formula and giving it little originality and laughs.

Elsewhere, “Mad Men,” AMC’s true first foray and eternal middle finger to HBO, is leaving Netflix in less than two weeks, so I have been hustling to finish my re-watch. Something that started with revisiting a favorite episode continued into an extended stay with Sterling Cooper and Partners.

It was sharing a drink with old friends. Jon Hamm’s Don Draper, Elisabeth Moss’ Peggy Olson, John Slattery’s Roger Sterling, and Christina Hendricks’ Joan Harris all coming right back into the frontal lobe of enjoyment. It’s a show where nothing really happened, an expert depiction of everyday life in the 1960’s and 1970’s. For a lot of us, nothing happens on a day to day basis. Matthew Weiner’s series should never see the graveyard for the sheer fact that it was acted and written impeccably.

When the final shot of the final scene from the final episode aired, I got sad. I was sad because there would be no more. Their life went on, but it happened off-camera in a metaphorical world.

The listeners chimed in with their show recommendations and the hour fly by. Listen to all of it here.

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