‘Beirut’ is an audacious thriller with a star-making performance from Jon Hamm

Espionage supports the political poker game and thrills here


Mason Skiles (Jon Hamm) embraces the gutter. A former United States diplomat who suffered tragedy in the Middle East many years ago and abandoned everything that made him whole, Skiles spends the better part of his days drinking himself into a stupor with no care in the world for whether the night is old or young. When a former colleague and friend, Cal (Mark Pellegrino) is kidnapped, Skiles is requested to broker the exchange, thus bringing back all the trauma and bad blood of his past to the forefront.

As Mason would say, welcome to Beirut, an audacious and insightful thriller that holds your attention due to the star-making performance from Hamm. Continue reading “‘Beirut’ is an audacious thriller with a star-making performance from Jon Hamm”

‘Baby Driver’ shoots to thrill, delivering a never better Jon Hamm

Edgar Wright makes Tarantino’s mouth water with his latest feature

Baby. Buddy. Griff. Bats. Darling. Meet a few of the players of writer/director Edgar Wright's new cinematic action jazz club, Baby Driver. This is the most thrilling movie I've seen in months.

And I'm not talking about ordinary heart stopping attacks of the visual variety, but ridiculously hair raising off your arm and neck entertainment convolutions that can pop the corn.

Carrying a wicked soundtrack that Quentin Tarantino may even buy, Wright has delivered the perfect summer movie: a world where you don't have to think too much, but must enjoy a lot. A car chase flick that only slows down long enough to fill the gas tank-before burning rubber into a plot that is simple to spin and easy to enjoy.

Ansel Elgort (Fault in Our Stars, Divergent series) breaks out the James Dean cool as Baby, the best driver in town who happens to be the wheels behind Doc's (Kevin Spacey) criminal operation of thieves. The suicide squad includes Jon Hamm's Buddy, Jamie Foxx's Bats, Eiza Gonzalez's Darling, and Jon Bernthal's Griff. Continue reading “‘Baby Driver’ shoots to thrill, delivering a never better Jon Hamm”