The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #62: Netflix’s ‘Dead to Me’ is worth a binge

Drama and comedy are a hard combo to make work in Hollywood.

It can be a show or movie and if you don’t get it right, the result is very, very bad. Thankfully, Netflix’s “Dead to Me” clears the fence with its attempt at making you laugh hysterically and simultaneously break down in a tear or two. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are perfectly cast as the most unlikely of friends in the comedy, which released its second season earlier this month.

Applegate is the grieving widow of the victim of a hit and run accident and Cardellini is the troubled and mysterious woman who comes into her family’s life shortly afterward. Before the first season reached its midway point, there were plot points unfolding and new ground being reached.

The show, created by Liz Feldman, develops a good speed of plot thread reveals that aren’t boring and giving a comedic showcase for the terrific Applegate. Her Jen Harding doesn’t mince words or emotions when dealing with a situation, whether it be a gifted “Mexican lasagna” from a neighbor or newfound secrets from her dead husband’s life. It all molds quite well into a show you can run move through quickly (30 minute episodes) and not cling to for long after it is over.

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, so I expect Season 3 to come sometime next year, depending on the length of inaction due to the coronavirus.

We discussed that and other listener recommendations on the latest entertainment segment of The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion.

Listen to the whole hour right here. See you next week.

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