The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ making television viewing exotic

More times than not these days, a television show casts a spell on the entertainment viewing audience. Movie lovers can’t help but notice the shift, as it’s relied on streaming networks to release the boldest of films.

Netflix started this trend and still keeps a stranglehold on today thanks to shows like “Tiger King: Murder, Madness, and Mayhem.” This totally bizarre and way too true docuseries grows increasingly wild with each of its seven hours.

He’s an openly gay animal park owner. He dresses like a porn star crossed with an urban cowboy. He’s a twisted deadly politician type who has about 600 opinions and burns the candle at both ends.

This show got the entire crew of The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon talking this week on the show. Callers were chiming in and having fun as well.

Elsewhere, I offered a review of another Netflix Original called “Lost Girls” with a powerful turn from Amy Ryan.

Listen to “Hour 2 3/24/20” by 590 The Fan – KFNS via #spreaker

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