The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: ‘The Way Back’ is Ben Affleck’s best work

Every week on The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon, there’s a group of guys in a studio chatting about movies and television shows. Inside of it all, there’s always a lurking joke or burn awaiting every line reading and word pronunciation. It’s all part of the plan and the segment.

Before I can say that I’ve had “enougha,” there will be conversation from completely different personalities. I am different from Frank, who is different from Limey, who is also different from Dan Strauss and Tim Woodburn. It’s that eclectic batch of personalities that makes the show hum along for an hour or so. We mix it up, take shots, and have fun with each other.

Last week, I reviewed the terrific new Ben Affleck film, “The Way Back,” which chronicles the journey of a former high school basketball phenom as he tries to piece his life back together through the thankless job of coaching his alma mater’s struggling team. Jack Cunningham is stranded on an island and all there is are large amounts of booze and regret. Can the kids pull him out? Gavin O’Connor’s film leaves the door open without giving a definitive answer.

It’s that rare occasion where Frank likes a film almost as much as I did. It’s the even more rare occasion where he starts talking about a film I am about to review, and we just rave over it together.

There’s more from last week’s segment and it’s all right here.

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