Jennifer N. Linch’s ‘Kung Fu Ghost’ promises something special for film fans

A martial arts comedy is something the world needs in a dire way right now. “Kung Fu Ghost” kicked off production this spring.

Bring it on, Jennifer N. Linch. The aspiring and inventive filmmaker won awards for her previous features at the World Film Awards, LA Neo Noir Film Festival, and ICannes International Film Festival back in 2015. Here, she is the director, star, and producer of a film that represents the launch of her production studio, Nameless Studio.

Along with co-producer Robert Brooke Eldridge and executive producer, Joe D’Amato, Linch wants to give film fans something special and different. A movie with the skillful entertainment of martial arts with a much-needed dose of comedy to lighten the mood and experience.


Linch stars in the film as Daisy, who inherits an estate from her grandfather (David S. Dawson), but quickly realizes that the house has a few tricks up its sleeve. There’s ghosts, spirits, and general fantasy events unfolding the minute she walks through the front door. There’s another mysterious ghost (Noah Sargent) moving through the home as well, as well as a group of treasure hunters led by Warren (Roze).

All of this leads Daisy into the fight of her life, along with some romance and supernatural fun.

Directors generally make movies for a mass audience, but Linch wouldn’t mind making only a few people laugh with her film. “I love and train in martial arts and I love comedy, and as a filmmaker, I just want to make a film that even one or two people can laugh with and have fun watching,” Linch said.

There’s a special cinematic scent one can get from a film that carries one mind atop the title. Linch serving as actor, director, producer, and namesake triggers intrigue in my mind along with the idea of a martial arts comedy.

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars in the coming year for “Kung Fu Ghost.” Jennifer N. Linch has something original in store for you. I wish this came out tomorrow.

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