The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: ‘Rambo’, ‘Ad Astra’ reviews (AUDIO)

Another week with the gents from The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon was spent on Tuesday reviewing a couple of new films while revisiting a TV show and talking about a local television personality who has run into tough times.

Before a single movie was spoken of, Kevin Steincross and his situation was discussed. This week, KTVI Fox 2 News made it official, severing ties with Steincross eight months after his incident on the air where he mispronounced Martin Luther King Junior’s name. While he was on indefinite leave all summer, there was slim hope he’d find his way back on air.

Frank and me had some choice words for the situation, tightening our focus on the NAACP for coming so hard at the news station to let Steincross go. I’ve ranted about it here and everywhere. The situation is Grade A bullshit.

Next, I reviewed Brad Pitt’s new film, AD ASTRA, currently in theaters. Pitt plays Roy McBride, a space program Major who must journey into space to search for his dad, a legendary astronaut who went AWOL 30 years ago, and now possibly rogue with a deadly surge hitting the globe.

I found the film to be atmospherically tense, well-acted, and original. James Gray did a great job of constructing a futuristic world that didn’t spin around the axis of previous movies.

Next, I reviewed the latest RAMBO adventure, LAST BLOOD. Sylvester Stallone acting lik a cinematic action kid, blowing stuff and killing bad guys, or shall I say, worse guys than him. It’s a 89 minute no-holds-barred slice of 80’s action lovers heaven. The plot is thin, the kills are over the top, and the film doesn’t slow down much. Stallone, weary yet still mad as hell, does a fine job here in reprising a role many have come to love.

The entire listening link is right here.

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