The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: ‘Banshee’ revisited and ‘Hustlers’ review

Sometimes, a radio segment takes an unexpected turn.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because radio should be passive-aggressively aiming for improvisation at all times. While I had movies to review last week on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion, Trevor Phillips, Tim Woodburn, and Dan Strauss, there were some sideroads taken.

Before the hour became 30 minutes old, impersonations took over. Strauss busted out every single one in the book, including Sylvester Stallone and local Cardinal radio voice, Mike Shannon. Frank did his usual imitations, and Woodburn got in on the act.

As the hour stretched to 45 minutes old, I reviewed Jennifer Lopez’s sharp new drama, “Hustlers,” about a group of strippers taking back what’s theirs by blackmailing rich, greasy Wall Street tycoons.

As the hour began, I gave Frank an early Christmas present by telling him the cult classic Cinemax television show, “Banshee,” had a fourth season he didn’t know about.

We got into all kinds of stuff, including jokes and commentary about things outside the realm of pop culture and entertainment.

Listen to it all right here.

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