The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: Playing ‘Ready or Not’ is a wise choice

There are some movies that can combine two genres deftly without a viewer noticing enough change to be worn down. Taking horror and dark comedy, placing them in a blender for the right amount of time, and coming out with something edible for visual pleasure.

That’s what the new film, “Ready or Not,” does without showing too much sweat. A name like Samara Weaving will only pull in true cinephiles, but hopefully after exiting this one, you’ll mark her name down in your IMDB savings bank.

It is her work and the rest of the cast, combined with a tongue-in-cheek-infused script, that makes the film worth it.

The review was enough to turn Frank’s head on Tuesday’s movie segment on Frank O. Pinion and The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon. Frank didn’t care for the other new release, “Good Boys,” saying he contemplated getting up and walking out. I found the sixth grade vulgar language-stuffed comedy to be decent yet not memorable.

There was more discussion, including a couple of documentaries, included this week.

Here’s the full segment.


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